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Finding the Best Companies to Work For

6 November 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto12025746Some individuals will switch jobs every few years simply because they want a change of scenery. Others may seek employment elsewhere periodically because they believe they will enjoy better career prospects by changing companies. However, in many cases, it is best to find a reputable, established company to work with, to put forth your best effort and to climb the corporate ladder. When you are seeking a new company to apply for a position with, you may look for a few important factors.

A Strong Historical Background
When you are searching for companies to apply for and when your goal is to establish yourself within a company for long-term career growth and opportunities, it is imperative that you review the history of the company. While history does not always indicate the future of the company, it can be a reasonably reliable indicator. Pay attention to the value of the stock, the growth of dividends, how many times leadership has changed hands and other historical factors to get a better feel for the company.

A Sound Vision for the Future
In addition, you need to research the future plans for the company. Many companies will publish information regarding expansion plans, new markets they are entering, products they are currently developing, reorganization plans and more. These can give you a better idea regarding how the company may change within the next few years. Your own plans may be to stay with a company for a decade or longer in order to position yourself for better growth and profitability. However, even getting an idea about future plans for the next one to five years can give you important insight about where the company is headed and how you may fit into the company’s plans.

Great Leadership
As a final point, research the leadership of the company. For example, if you want to work with an Indonesian firm, you may read the professional biography of Sukanto Tanoto. The biography of each of the executives can typically be found online on the company’s website or through social media sources like LinkedIn. Ensure that the company that you are thinking about joining has solid leadership in place and that the executives have the experience and proven skills for guiding a company with success. It generally takes a team of solid leaders to manage a growing company successfully, so research the professional backgrounds of all of the leaders rather than just the CEO.

Many professionals have the strong desire to advance in their career. If your goal is to increase your income, take on more responsibilities with a new position or both, you may be debating between staying with your current company or moving on to a bigger and brighter future with another company. A smart idea is to find the right company to work for and to stay with that company. This may be a solid, established company with a strong vision for the future, and it also may be a company that is known for looking internally when hiring for open positions.

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