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3 Reasons Why An MIS Degree Is A Good Financial Decision

20 November 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto5907735Most people look for the college education option that will give them the highest pay and the most opportunities in the job market. They want to know that in exchange for paying tuition costs, they will be able to live comfortably and enjoy job security in their chosen field. If you are considering a career in information systems, you might find that investing in an MIS degree is a good financial decision for you.

Increasing Demand for IT

Management Information Systems degrees are very versatile. With titles as varied as Webmaster, Database Analyst, IT Consultant, and Network Administrator, it is easy to see that positions and responsibilities vary from company to company. While there is an increasing amount of jobs for IT professionals, an education in MIS helps professionals understand the depth of your knowledge, giving you a competitive advantage when it comes to landing that first gig.

The great thing about management information systems is that every company in every industry has a demand for IT professionals. Whether it be monitoring their current operating systems or developing new ones, MIS graduates have a wide grasp on the needed skills professionals are looking for in new hires.

High Salaries Come With I.T. Occupations

The cost of getting an MIS degree can vary by institution. It can also depend on whether you study on campus or get your MIS online. Either way, salary statistics for IT occupations show a good return on your investment. The median starting pay rate for graduates was $55K in 2012, with top students starting out at $72K. Salaries only increase with experience. A study from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics showed IT professionals commanding an average salary of $120K per year.

A Wide Range Of Career Options

If you choose a degree that qualifies you for more than one role in your field, you can gain an advantage for future job security. Employers in the IT sector need MIS graduates to manage data, analyze information, monitor operating systems, and create technological advancements. Since every industry is in need of information systems professionals, degree holders could work virtually anywhere! With so many industries in need of technological monitoring, graduates are in high-demand.

Many people think of programming when they think MIS. Although this is a potential responsibility of someone with this degree, not all job roles require it. There are several other aspects of MIS that require project management, teamwork, and data analysis. With an education and background in leadership and technical development, graduates from the MIS program will be able to jump right into their career with ease.

Choosing a degree is a financial decision, and an MIS can give you a good return on your time and money. Corporate America is always in need of IT professionals, so IT is a stable job market with good pay. An MIS degree gives you an in-demand skill set that opens up many career opportunities in a growing field.

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