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24 November 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto22431930Air conditioning systems

There are so many types on air conditioning system on the market that selecting the best one for your home can become confusing. Here is an overview of commonly available air conditioning systems, how they work and any associated issues.
Unitary System
A window or ‘unitary’ system is a self-contained unit that is commonly placed in a window sill (or rarely through a small opening in an exterior wall). Quite simply, the unit contains all necessary refrigeration components in a small unit, blowing cool air from one end and heat from the other.
Portable Air Conditioning System
Another single unit system is the portable air conditioner. It is very similar to the window system in that its components are contained within one compact box and it blows hot or cold air out of opposite ends, however, as the name suggests this system can be moved from room to room.
Portable systems are useful for rooms that cannot be sufficiently cooled with other methods, giving a little extra boost.
Central Air Con
A central air conditioning system is the quietest available, it’s also performs the best in terms of cooling and is commonly the most comfortable. It’s advisable to take advice about the best sized air conditioning unit as incorrect sizing can limit performance.
A central system consists of the condensing unit and the evaporative unit. These systems are used for large spaces as it is less expensive to have single units for one space, rather than individual air conditioners for each room.
Split System
A Split or Ductless system breaks the air conditioning into terminal units, one located outside, and one inside. The indoor unit comprises of the cooling parts, such as the evaporator, cooling coil and cooling fan and the outdoor unit houses the compressor, condenser and expansion valve.
More commonly offering aesthetic appeal, a split system can be used to cool one or two rooms and doesn’t require any openings in walls of the room.

Each air conditioning system type is suitable for differing room types and each have associated installation and running costs. Coupling an artificial heating and cooling system with natural ways of temperature regulation can make for a comfortable home year round. It’s wise to do a little research, and then contact a reputable air conditioning specialist for an assessment of your home.

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