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Looking Back to Gain Insight For Planning Ahead

4 December 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto9921679As January arrives many people are focused on looking ahead and setting new goals.While it’s good to look ahead, it’s also beneficial to take to time review the past in order to better plan for the future. There are several ways that you can benefit from reviewing your financial situation at the end of the year before creating your budget for the upcoming year.

Check your calendar

Look at each month of the year and write down, or insert into a financial form you use for budgeting, each special occasion that you purchase gifts for. Based on the previous year’s spending, note how much money will need to be set aside to cover the purchase of gifts. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other notable special days occur each year and planning for them keeps those occasions from depleting the monthly budget.

Review last year’s expenses

Depending on what type of record-keeping system you have, you can prepare a projected budget based on last year’s monthly bills. Adding a little to each month when you prepare your new budget can help cover the rising cost of utilities, groceries and other monthly expenses. Be sure to take into account changes such as the birth of a baby or the addition of a pet.

Assess your insurance policies

When you begin preparing a budget for the new year, you should review the insurance policies and premiums you pay. As lifestyles change, insurance needs also change. By consulting with an agent, you might be able to find ways to reduce your premium or possibly discover that you need more coverage and protection than you have. Whatever change needs to be made should be factored into the new budget.

Don’t shy away from assistance

Preparing a budget or financial plan is not an easy task. You can learn more about the benefits of seeking professional guidance when preparing a personal or business related budget. Factoring in expenses such as a college savings fund, an emergency fund, a retirement fund or setting aside money for a vacation may seem challenging without professional guidance.

Preparing a budget is just a portion of a money management plan. It’s essential to remain dedicated to the budget even when it means making difficult choices throughout the year. Having the assistance of a professional accountant can help you stay within you budget you create.

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