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Building an app for your business

19 December 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto13062700It wasn’t so long ago that when you were setting up a small business as a focused entrepreneur you probably wouldn’t have considered an app to be of any use for your business. You’d have developed your business plan, got the finance in place, looked at your marketing and delivery options and how the business would be managed, and decided what IT requirements you needed. But an app for your business?

Adding mobile to online

The world of business has changed rapidly over the past few years, and the prime mover has been the IT sector, which has opened a myriad of possibilities for businesses to develop a strong presence in whichever industry they are part of. No business today would be without a website, its all-important online presence giving it the ability to spread its message as a brand both to niche and wider markets. However, a website is no longer enough as the mobile revolution continues its march and more and more mobile subscribers are accessing websites and other relevant information via apps.

How can you get started on building an app that is tailor-made for your business?

Plan your app carefully

It may sound obvious but you need to think hard about what you want your app to do. Poor planning will lead to a poor app, and time and money wasted. At this planning stage it’s important to keeps things concise and functional. There’s no point in making it overly complex – you have to think of the end user who will want things to be easy.

When you’re at this stage, keep your language straightforward – don’t get cluttered up with fancy words or phrases as it can put potential customers off. Be clear about what you are selling, and then you can start to think about how customers will engage with the app and drive traffic to your site.


Your online brand needs to be mirrored by your mobile brand; choose your visuals carefully so that they are clean, clear and attractive. Colors should be attractive but not overpowering, and fonts should be consistent.


When customers engage with your app they want to feel they are getting a good deal from your business. You’ll get a sense of how they feel about its functionality through a number of aspects: whether they order on a regular basis; how responsive they are when you put out special offers; whether or not they are opting in and giving you their email address. Just remember, if there are too many buttons to press or too many screens to wade through to start with, the chances are you’ll lose them.


If you don’t know how to code for building your app you could always learn one of the main coding languages, which will take time, or use an experienced independent company for your Mobile App Development that can work with you to build your app.

Apps are often thought of as only relevant to really big companies, but if your small business develops a successful one then you’ll be putting yourself ahead of many of your competitors.

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