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Yes You Can: Save Big Money on Business Printing Costs

29 December 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto10590737Want to cut costs on printing expenses? Of course you do. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, entire departments inside of large corporations are tasked with coming up with cheaper ways to mail out letters and postcards – they don’t always succeed. How can you? Here’s how.

Use Recycled Ink Products

Using recycled ink products might seem easy at first, until you go to actually purchase the product. Most printer ink cartridges have special chips inside them that are read by the printer. If the printer can’t identify the chip, you can’t ink your project.

That’s where online suppliers like https://www.stinkyinkshop.co.uk/ come into play. They provide you with refills that work in your printer for a fraction of the cost of buying new cartridges.

A few other companies in the UK can do something similar too, but almost all of them are online, not retail, businesses.

Use Recycles Paper Products

When choosing recycled paper products, look for paper with at least a 30% post-consumer recycled content. This signifies a high percentage of recycled paper. Avoid paper that’s been chemically treated with chlorine. Have the paper verified by at least one third-party that specializes in post-consumer paper products.

For example, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Chlorine Free Products Association, and the Forest Stewardship Council are all independent bodies capable of certifying the authenticity of recycled paper products.

Use High Efficiency Printers

Reduce printing costs by using networked printers. These types of printers connect to the local network using wi-fi and can help reduce the cost of printing by as much as 50 per cent, depending on the printer and the connection. Bluetooth Low-Energy, the second generation of Bluetooth, should also be used, when possible.

Look for duplex printers to do your print jobs. These printers print on both sides of the page for reduced paper waste and mailing costs. It can effectively reduce paper consumption by up to 50 per cent.

Think Before You Ink

Every print job has a cost. Before you hit “print,” make sure it’s really worth it. Every piece of paper that ends up in the trash bin must be recycled, which uses up energy. This, in and of itself, can generate excessive energy usage.

The most sustainable print job is one that never happens. Keep the ink in the cartridge when possible, and periodically clean your print heads to prevent clogging, which can dramatically increase the amount of ink used and decrease the efficacy of your printing jobs.

Head cleaning can be done once weekly if you print every other day or don’t use the printer for an entire week.

Go Digital

Sometimes what you need is tighter and better integration with your online content. Not all businesses have good digital resources, but these are things you absolutely should be developing. A short direct mail sales letter, or a postcard, can direct people to your website where you don’t need to spend a lot of money, and use a lot of resources, to spread your sales message.

John Sollars is Mr. Stinkyink himself, so he has seen firsthand how to save money on printing costs. An avid writer, he hopes to help other business owners by posting his insights online. Look for his informative articles on many websites and blogs today. If you like John’s post, follow him on Faceboook.

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