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The Business of Personality

10 February 2015 No Comment

484010_62695363Starting a business can be an exciting and challenging task. While many have visions of what they would like to achieve, the getting there can be where things can go astray. Having the determination alone may not be enough if you lack a sound business plan. With you business plan, you also need to encompass quality personality traits in order to set yourself up for success.

So you have done your homework and thought out a business you would like to pursuit, have invested countless hours researching and are motivated to go after what you want. Obviously there is a keen interest in what you hope your business can achieve. Possible financing has been considered, if this is necessary, to chase after what you desire and you are comfortable with assuming some degree of risk in order to make your business be successful. You have read and implemented information on steps to make your business better such as credit card integration, having a web presence, making it mobile friendly and even things like SIP Trunking to really make your business as technically productive as possible. But don’t overlook these personality traits to work on.

Being successful in business is not always strictly based on your actual business plan but the relationships along the way. In order to build good relationships and be a people person, you need to work on various traits to help people put their trust in you and simply want to do business with you. Being dependable indicates you are a person of integrity which ends up earning the respect of your employees or co-workers. Showing up to work on time, doing the tasks that need doing and not shying away from the harder work will make you not only stand out among others but will have people respect you.

Be sure to show care and compassion to your business employees and customers. People want to feel like they are valuable and appreciated and not just be judged on how much they are producing at all times. If someone takes the time to go out of their way and show their employee that they value them, it will in turn cause the employee to want to do their best for their boss. So work hard, be motivated, be open to new ideas but never forget to put yourself in others shoes in order to better connect with them. In doing so you will reap the benefits of a business not forgetting the personality behind each and everyone of us.

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