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Keep Your First Home Safe

6 March 2015 One Comment

canstockphoto6196498As a first-time home owner, you need to take preventative actions for keeping your first home safe. It’s easy to forget to do this with all the excitement of moving in, meeting the neighbors, and finally living the American dream of homeownership.

Yet while there is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of celebration, this doesn’t mean you have to be naïve and avoid realism.

What’s realistic is taking into account other people’s envy. In fact, they have no respect for how hard you worked to own a home and furnish it. Realism means realizing that some people who noticed you moving in will have a high level of envy. If they’re criminally-minded, they may notice that you’re not paying attention to securing your home and they may actually plan on helping themselves to your hard earned assets.

Some Hard Facts of Life

This is not pessimism. According to a long-term study by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), in 1994, burglaries cost the average American household $389. However, 17 years later, it costs the average American household $2,120.

It’s a sad fact of modern life that burglary is on the rise, rather than fading away. After the financial crash of 2007-2008, people are even more desperate to make money since it’s much harder to find employment. Burglary is an easy way to make money if you’re a criminal. In one night, a burglar can make as much money as a hard working person will make in a month.

Although local law enforcement are doing the best they can to stop crime, burglary is one of those things that has eluded them because it’s almost impossible to prevent the crime. This is one area, where citizens need to be proactive and take preventative measures to protect themselves. You don’t know who was watching you on the day you carried in the large screen TV from the moving van.

You Need to Protect Yourself

While you may think you’re taking precautions by making sure the windows and doors are locked when you leave the house, a determined burglar is usually very good at what they do. In fact, it’s something of an underground profession; statistics show that in the United States, a break-in occurs every 15 seconds.

You need to protect yourself. Learn about the different kinds of alarms, motion detectors, and security cameras that you can use. However, although there are a lot of home security measures you can take to keep your house safer, there are some problems with creating a home system:

  1. You probably don’t have expertise in it as a new homeowner. This means that you won’t know what to buy to keep your home secure.
  2. You would probably have to do a lot of research to figure out the different ways to keep your home safe.
  3. You may not know how to install security devices or what combination of security devices to install. The result is that you may end up triggering off your own alarms. For instance, if your dog is playing in the backyard with a ball, the motion detector will not know that this is not suspicious behavior.

A better way of quickly setting up a home security system is actually to hire a home security company to do it all for you—picking the state-of-the-art equipment, installing it, and monitoring your home. Moreover, this is no more expensive than paying for your garbage pickup services.

The sophistication of home security systems is quite astonishing and difficult to replicate on your own. The big trend these days is video monitoring. Here is some perspective from SecurityChoice.net, who specializes in home security systems:

“Though basic alarm systems will help keep your home protected, wireless security cameras can be a great way to get a visual idea of what is going on in your home while you’re away. Not only are these types of cameras great for deterring crime, but they can also be used to check up on your kids when you’re not home. These types of cameras connect to the Internet, making their live feeds visible on tablets, smartphones and many different types of portable devices that you may have.”

A Home Security System Alone Is A Deterrent

With an expertly installed and monitored home security system in place, you will also have signs posted all over the yard and stickers in windows that will inform a burglar not to even try to break in. After all, since home security systems use Wi-Fi alarms, there are no wires to cut to disable your home system.

Moreover, if you have a silent alarm set up, dispatch agents remotely monitoring your house will hear the alarm and either send a security team or inform local law enforcement. Even if he manages to evade them, security cameras will be able to videotape him and if he has a criminal record will be able to identify him.

In other words, most burglars know that it’s not even worth trying to break in because the chances of getting away with their loot are fairly slim. It’s just much easier to find another victim.

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  • Adela said:

    I am a new house owner I just moved to my new house 4 months ago with my husband , we have a good security sistem and we are monitoring the house also I think is very important to have a insurance for the house !