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8 Benefits of Being Self-Employed

13 April 2015 No Comment

5371077178_b885da17f6At one point or another, a lot of budding entrepreneurs, like Steve Wynn, face the same decision: leaving behind a job that offers comfort and stability, but not the room to grow. Sure, there are lot of down sides to working from home, like never being able to separate from your office and having clients feel like you’re on-call around-the-clock. Luckily, there are a ton of benefits to self-employment, too.

1. You’re in control of your life. Entrepreneurs tend to be the type of people who love taking control. When you’re self-employed, you control pretty much everything about your career, work schedule, work setting, etc. Your success and financial status are linked to you, not an employer.

2. You can set your own hours. If you work better in the evening, you can put yourself on a night schedule. If you love working on a Sunday afternoon, but can’t seem to muster any energy on Wednesdays, then you don’t have to work every week day. While there’s a ton of flexibility, setting your own hours and sticking to them requires a lot of discipline.

3. You can work with people you like. When you’re an employee, you don’t choose your co-workers. When you’re self-employed, you can choose who you hire, from employees and contractors to partners.

4. You’re rewarded for your efforts. As an employee, the rewards go to the head of the company. You may get paid overtime if you clock extra hours, but you don’t get to share the profits that were generated from your hard work. When you’re self-employed, you get to see those results first-hand, and benefit from them.

5. You’re allowed to follow your passion. If you’re only it it for the money, then you’re not a true entrepreneur. Successful people love what they do and just happen to make money from it. The companies that thrive the most are the ones that are lead by people who are motivated by their love for the business. When you’re self-employed, you go from working at a job you may hate or feel indifferent about to working at one that you absolutely love.

6. You can live a well-rounded, varied life. You don’t have to show up every single day to work the same exact hours, day in and day out. When you’re self-employed, no two days ever have to be the same, from the schedule you keep to what you do with your time. Even on difficult days, you’ll never consider this kind of job to be dull.

7. You can create! Being creative is extremely satisfying. You don’t have to be a skilled artist, graphic designer, musician, or writer to create. Creative skill can be used to come up with new ways to market a business or to find better avenues for connecting with your customers. When you’re self-employed, you’re always building something.

8. You’ll help people. One of the biggest benefits of being self-employed is having the opportunity to make a difference. Even small businesses do their part by creating jobs and supporting the local economy.

Don’t let a fear of being self-employed keep you from pursuing your passions.

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