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4 Degrees with Profitable Career Opportunities

23 April 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto8601079In these difficult times, the financial aspect of our life seems to be more and more important. Money is the support for everything else and this is the reason for which many people try to follow careers that are the most profitable. In our childhood years, we have big dreams of being actors, astronauts or scientists, but priorities change as we grow up. It can be difficult to make a choice from the multitude of available careers, but these are 4 degrees with profitable career opportunities that you could choose from:

1. Engineering

Engineering is a large domain. You can choose between general engineering, or you can become an engineer who is focused on a certain domain (example: petroleum engineering or civil engineering). Apart from becoming an engineer, an engineering degree also allows you to follow a career in logistics, technical consulting, patent law, IT, banking and others. The median annual salary of an engineer can start from $75,000 and can go up to $135,000, depending on the domain. The current employment rate of engineers is of about 95 percent. With such statistics, becoming an engineer is one of the most stable prospects for people.

2. Physician’s Assistant

A physician’s assistant is a licensed medical professional. The median annual pay for this type of job is over $90,000 and the employment rate for this job is increasing right now. The rate of growths exceeds 30 percent. If you work as a physician’s assistant (PA), you will be a physician’s first hand for treating patients. You will provide treatment for patients under supervision, but you won’t have the burdens that doctors have: malpractice insurance and hefty financial investments in residency or medical school.

3. Computer Science and Technology

Computer science and the technology that corresponds to it are meant to provide a practical approach to computation. A degree in computer science and technology can be helpful for following a career as a database engineer, information security analyst and even a game designer. The median annual salary starts from $60,000 and reaches $100,000. The employment rate of over 95 percent makes this degree one of the most desirable. The rate is growing by over 20 percent right now. Science and technology are both taking a big role in our lives and this role is getting bigger every day.

4. Biomedical Science

Biomedical science is a combination between natural science and formal science, for the purpose of using the acquired knowledge for public health and healthcare. The domain can also be seen as a mix of medicine and biology. It is in a constant rise for now. With a median annual salary of more than $80,000, biomedical science can be another great choice for a degree. The employment percentage is also high, exceeding 95 percent. The growth rate of this percentage is between 20 and 30 percent right now.

No matter which one of the four degrees you are choosing, the benefits are similar. All these 4 degrees have an annual median salary that is above the national household median and this makes them really profitable. It is important to select a degree in a domain that you love working in, because people who love what they do become the most successful in life. Be good at what you do and you will rip the benefits later.

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