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Tips for Networking Effectively Offline

24 April 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto18815844Most people think that nowadays, to network properly and to form new, lasting business relationships, it all needs to be done online. And whilst there is a lot of truth to this; after all, online digital marketing and networking plays a huge part in the success of businesses today; there is also a huge importance in turning off the computer and actually meeting people in person. We’ve come up with some tips for the best ways to network effectively and efficiently offline.

Attend various events

It’s such a good idea to attend as many marketing events as you can so that you can get meeting lots of different people who you could work with, and who you could learn from. If you’re unsure where to start, looking for marketing events in your industry is a great place to start. There’s also this really great list of must-attend marketing events of 2015 to check out.

Do lots of research

If you know who is going to be present at an event beforehand, it’s advised to do some research on them so you have things to talk about when you get there, and so you appear interested and well advised on what they do. If you’ve never been to a marketing event before, you could do some research on what to expect from them so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed on the day, too.

Remember that it works both ways

Networking is all about getting something out of your connections, but it’s really important that you remember that the relationship works both ways, and that they are looking to get something from you, too. Therefore, especially if the connection has been really beneficial to you, aim to give back to them in some way so they’ll appreciate the partnership like you have.

Be prepared with business cards

If you’re attending a marketing fair and are hosting a booth with your business, it’s important that your booth tells your story, and it’ll do this via professional presentation signage. Whether you’re having a booth or if you’re simply attending a fair to see what else is out there, it’s really important that you’re armed with plenty of business cards, so that you can hand them out to people that are interested in learning more about you and your company. After all, it’ll be much better than scribbling your name and number down on a scrap piece of paper.

Be confident in your brand and abilities

When you’re meeting new people and potential partners, it’s vital that you approach them with confidence, approachability and an inside-out knowledge of your company. The more you can tell your new connections about you – and of course, the way you can do it – will be so important for creating a lasting impression on them.

Introduce connections to others

Connecting your new networking associates with other people is a great way to help others, as well as showing your new connections that you have their best interests at heart overall.

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