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How to sell your home faster

27 May 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto6006539Putting your home up for sale can definitely be an exercise in patience.  It can be weeks, months or even longer before your home finally sells.  That doesn’t have to be the case, however.  There are things you can do to bolster your chances of selling your home faster.

Offer your buyer something extra

Buyers love to feel like they are getting something extra, a bonus.  When a buyer narrows his choices down to a few homes they are considering, they can often be swayed toward buying your home over the others if you offer them some form of incentive.  You can offer to cover closing costs, for example, or to do repairs on the house that the new owners would otherwise have to pay for themselves.  These are extra expenses out of your pocket, but it’s better to spend a little extra on these things than running the risk of losing the sale altogether.

Pay attention to prospective buyers’ comments

If you have a steady stream of people touring your home but no offers, there is probably a reason.  Listen to what potential buyers say about your home. Is it priced too high?  Does it need updating?  Does the yard need some work?  Don’t take offense to these comments.  Use them to your advantage.  Fix the problem and relist your home.  You may be surprised at how little it takes to make a big difference.

Understand what sellers are looking for

Certain things are big draws when it comes to attracting buyers.  For one thing, most buyers want a spacious, modern kitchen.  Although you can’t easily do much to change the side of your kitchen, you can ensure that the space you do have is streamlined and maximized to its full potential.  If your appliances are older or if your cabinets need a facelift, it could be worth your while to invest in an upgrade.  Do some research to find out what buyers are typically looking for, and ensure your home ticks as many of those boxes as is possible.

Declutter, tidy and clean!

One of the biggest turnoffs for a homebuyer is to walk into a home and find that it is cluttered, untidy or, even worse, unclean.  Most buyers won’t bother trying to visualize past the dirt and clutter; they will simply move in to another house.  To give your house the best chance at making a good first impression, be sure to get rid of as much clutter as you can and give you house a thorough cleaning.  And remember:  when it comes to touring homes for sale in Edmonton AB, residents will look in closets and under the bathroom sink.  Don’t think you can simply hide things out of sight.  People will look!

Take care of the details

Little details that seem trivial will make a big difference when it comes to selling your home faster.  Set the dining room table.  Buy fresh flowers and set them in a vase on the kitchen counter.  Burn a lightly scented candle and play soft music in the background during your home showings.  All of these things will help to make your house feel very homey and welcoming, which can have a powerful psychological effect on a potential buyer. If you’re interested in selling your home, it may be worth it to get your roof, windows, siding and gutters checked for any damages.

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