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6 Effective Promotion Ideas for Your Business

4 June 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto9953034Promoting your business is essential if you want to succeed. You can’t just set it up and hope for the best; why would you sit back and expect people to come to you? You would get nowhere, fast! Here are 6 effective promotion ideas for you business:

Build a Website

If you haven’t got a website yet, you need one! Every day you don’t have a website your business is missing out. That doesn’t mean you should rush to build one. Websites take a lot of time if they’re going to be built properly. Make sure you find a trustworthy company to build one for you. Ask lots of questions so you feel comfortable with them. Remember, it isn’t just about the design; it’s about the way the site works too. It needs to perform in the search engines well and work for the user.

Host a Competition

Competitions get a lot of attention, as people just love the opportunity to win stuff! You can do this via social media, or on your website; however you think you will get the most attention Give something good away and you’ll find you get a lot of attention.

Build Social Media Profiles

Social media is too big to ignore in the business world; creating profiles should be compulsory! Where will you find your target market? Work it out and then build your profiles there, creating a strong web presence. You must post quality content at peak times. You can’t do it sporadically, or you’ll lose their interest! Make sure everything you say is appropriate and you make the effort to engage with people. Also, it’s a good idea to come up with a ‘personality’ for your business. This will help your audience to recognise you and they will relate to you better.

Use Facebook Advertising

As well as building profiles on social media, you should use Facebook advertising to target people who are part of your target market and look for companies like you. This is one of the most effective ways to target your audience!

Attend a Trade Show

Trade shows are brilliant opportunities to network. With the right exhibition design, people will flock to your stand. Have something to give them, and they’ll remember you! You could give them a mini version of your product, or something branded. Make sure you make a good impression.

Design a TV Advert

If you have a large enough budget, TV adverts can be an effective way to advertise. Although expensive, you can reach a large amount of people this way. If you make your advert catchy and memorable, they won’t forget you in a hurry! However, if you want a more targeted way to reach your customers, you’ll want to try other techniques first. You can’t really target who sees a TV advert, which is one of the only downsides.
Use these promotion ideas and your business will begin to thrive! Leave a comment if you have any ideas you’d like to add. Bye for now!

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