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Investing in Luxury Homes

3 August 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto21768407To live in luxury it is important to invest wisely so that your luxury home investment increases over time. Finding an area that will weather financial storms and provide you the quality of life you are looking for is never easy but it is worth doing.

All too often slick marketing campaigns try to draw people to an area. They promise you a lot but fall short on delivery. Many companies that do this will ask you to commit to buy even before the foundation is laid for one home in the development. Routinely a few will not plan to build until they have pre sold a fairly high percentage of what they are offering. It is too easy to have your dreams crushed when you invest in these types of ventures.

Try to look beyond the marketing hype and glitz and do your research. Find an area that has a long term plan and a neighbourhood with an established history. Talk to people who live there and ask how impressed they are with their home investments and the surrounding community. Ask them about the build quality of their home and about the builder and his or her reputation. Did they deliver on time and under budget? Did the final product exceed their expectations?

The Crown Isle Golf Course Resort and Community in Courtenay BC on Vancouver Island is a luxury homes development that has been around since the early 1990s and there are plans for continued development for several more decades. The developer already owns the surrounding land to allow expansion and several high end builders are at work making peoples dreams a realty. This project offers more than glossy brochures for you to look at. There are at least two show homes to wander through so that you can get a sense of the build quality involved in the construction.

Driving into Crown Isle you will be impressed by the majesty of the tall pines and the extra wide streets. The street lamps add to the ambience of locale. Active but not busy describes this vibrant but laid back area. Step outside and view the nearby mountains while smelling the fresh Pacific Ocean air. Peace, tranquility and luxury are complementary elements of this lifestyle.

This prestigious neighbourhood is the real estate jewel of the Comox Valley which is a vibrant growing region of Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada. Increasingly people are turning to this area to invest and relocate. Why not live in affordable luxury while you still can enjoy life to the fullest? Need more information? Contact award winning realtor Brett Cairns to buy the home of your dreams in a great area.

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