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4 Reasons Colorado Should Celebrate Its Renewable Energy Court Victory

10 August 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto15768566The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld Colorado’s renewable portfolio standard. The court has decided that Colorado’s environmental laws governing the amount of energy that must be generated from renewable resources does not violate the Constitution’s interstate commerce clause. This is great news if you are a resident of Colorado. It guarantees future economic investments, stable energy markets, reduced pollution, and improved reliability of utilities and services for your state.

New Energy Investments to Spur Economic Growth

In the past, residents have been forced to purchase the energy they need from suppliers located out of the state. Now that can change. The law requires that 30% of the energy consumed must be produced using renewable sources. This ruling is expected to spur even more economic growth that will benefit everyone.

Colorado’s law has already attracted billions of dollars in investment and create thousands of jobs in the renewable energy sector. Wind and solar energy can be generated just about anywhere. These power plants are not dependent on importing raw fuels or materials. The construction, maintenance, and operation of these new plants will create steady growth in Colorado’s economy as a whole.

Stable Energy Markets

The price of oil is often inflated, and you don’t really have a lot of convenient alternatives. Dependency on fuel burning power plants makes these costs difficult to control or negotiate with. Expanding the supply of renewable energy will smooth out inefficiencies in the prices that you currently must pay by limiting the monopoly power that fuel producers enjoy. Utilities can purchase their energy from the supplier that offers the best rates.

Improved Reliability

New energy sources also helps to support the operation of the entire power grid. With more access to energy in general, the amount of shocks on the system are reduced. Storing energy in batteries or generating additional power as needed in the local region can help to reduce the risk of power outages, and limit operating restrictions.

Better Environmental Quality

Colorado residents have always valued their close proximity to outdoor recreation sites, and fossil fuels introduce pollutants that are known environmental hazards. Mitigation and cleaning processes are not always enough to completely repair the damage to water and air quality. Most recognize the importance of preventing pollution in the first place.

Using more renewable energy sources helps to preserve the quality of life that is attractive to many. Tourism is a huge part of the Colorado economy, and the state’s natural beauty must be protected. Generating energy with wind and solar power plants does not put harmful carbon pollution into water sources or the air.

The federal court’s ruling is good news for Colorado. You can look forward to these benefits as the state’s renewable energy sources become more and more abundant.


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