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6 Ways to Monitor Companies You Own Stock In

1 September 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto29453791Keeping an eye on current events related to companies you own stock in can be beneficial for developing strategies concerning your portfolio. While many investors put their faith in brokers and firms, a large number of people trade stocks online in the privacy of their own home. If you are one of those individuals, there are many ways you can keep your thumb on the pulse of companies you invest in. This can help you decide when to buy or sell stocks depending on real-time information.


Netvibes is a browser-based aggregation for RSS feeds, website searches and direct information regarding virtually anything on the Internet. It’s a free system that lets you put in a keyword search that is actively scanned across the web. As soon as news is developed about any company you’re monitoring, it will likely be available on Netvibes. Once you set up your search parameters, you can have instant access to viable information on a regular basis from an incredible number of sources.

Press Releases

Many organizations provide regular news feeds regarding business practices. Keeping an eye on what a company releases to the public can be enlightening, especially if those feeds are available for general comment. Reading how the populace reacts to such news can give you insights to what it could mean for future practices.

Social Media

An effective method for following a company is through the use of social media. Some companies will post messages relating to important changes within the organization in order to quell rumors. This is often seen on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In many situations, information about a company was sent to social media before major news reporting websites.

Market Watching

Keeping a close eye on the market your companies belong to can help illuminate success or failure. New technologies, discoveries, patents and more can alter the procedures of any business. If you invest in a company that develops CPUs for autonomous automobiles, you would want to follow the news regarding that kind of technology and anything else regarding self-driving cars.

Product Reviews

If you own stock in a company that develops a tangible product for consumers, keeping an eye on customer reviews can help you accumulate a great deal of information. As many online consumers base their decisions to buy a product based on the experiences of others, these reviews can be beneficial or detrimental to the company’s performance. You may want to reconsider purchasing stock in a company that has routinely disappointed consumers.

Google Search

When you perform a search in Google, you have a great deal of control regarding the results. The website offers more than just a search bar as there are a number of tools that can help you fine-tune the material you receive. When keeping an eye on a company, change the search parameters to “News.” You can then modify the results to include everything from recent all the way to archived. Any new information from indexed websites will be delivered to this section.

People such as Clarence Gooden keep a close eye on business practices while at the same time analyzing environmental factors. The more informed you are for any given task, the greater are your chances for success. Keep an active role in the development of your portfolio by keeping close tabs on the companies you buy into. It could be instrumental to increase your potential for success.

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