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Tangible Assets You Should Invest in for Your Future

7 September 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto9921679Many people will tell you to start making investments as soon as you have some spare cash. Rather than have your money sit there, you can put it to work making you more money. Some investments are short-term, while others are long-term. But a lot of the things people tell you to invest in sometimes don’t seem real. Stocks and shares just feel like numbers on a screen that you can’t get any real feel for. Some people prefer tangible assets that you can look at and even hold in your hand. If you would rather invest in something physical, here are some of the top investments you can make.


One of the most obvious ways to invest in a physical asset is to look into property. There are several ways you can put your money into property. And you can use it for long-term or short-term investment. If you buy a building or unit, you can rent it, flip it or live in it to sell later on. Depending on what you do, you could start making money within a few months or years. Or it might take you several decades. Just like with anything else, there are risks to investing in property. You need to be careful about choosing the right time, location and properties to make a return.

Precious Metals

A lot of people opt for investing in precious metals, especially if they want the return to go toward their retirement fund. Gold is often the most popular, but investing in silver and platinum is also common. Gold and silver can be better choices over platinum, as the markets are much less volatile. If you want to start investing in precious metals, read about the different ways you can buy silver and gold. For example, the value of a bullion coin or bar is calculated differently to that of a collector’s (numismatic) coin. The latter relies on both the metal content and the commonality of the coin.


Some tangible assets are unwise investments if you don’t know a lot about them. Many people like to invest in art, but you need to be very knowledgeable about your area of interest. Predicting whether a particular artist’s work will increase in value over the next few years is a very difficult thing to do. You may get it wrong and lose out on making a profit. If you want to invest in art, you need to do plenty of reading. It’s advisable that you have a genuine passion for the art world too.


Apart from coins and artworks, there are many collectible items you can invest in. For example, stamps and stamp collections can be valuable. Many people are passionate about a range of collectible products, from classic children’s toys to antique guns. Whatever you decide to invest in, make sure you research it thoroughly.
Investments don’t have to be just numbers on a screen. You can find physical assets to invest in, that you can look at in person.

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