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Efficiency: The route to profitability in a small workplace

14 September 2015 No Comment

484010_62695363When you’re running a small business, efficiency is a crucial factor. An efficient workplace can have a positive impact on a wide range of areas, including profitability and employee morale. On the other hand, a workplace that is inefficient can have precisely the opposite effect. One of the major reasons for inefficiency comes down to the actual employees within a business. Efficient employees will work quicker and more effectively. However, inefficiency can be a serious issue, and substance abuse can be one of the contributing factors.

How efficiency can help a small business

Being as efficient as possible is extremely important for a small business. Inefficiency can arise from a number of factors and have a damaging effect on the workplace. For example, an unorganized office can make it harder to find what you need and can cause delays in handling a situation. By creating a standardized set of documents and filing everything away, you can reduce the problem.

Time wasting can be a major cause of inefficiency at work. You should focus on where you and your employees are spending the majority of time and how this can be improved. Using an online time tracking system can highlight what tasks take up the most time and where changes can be made.

Employee efficiency

Your employees are a major part of the business, but they can also be a big reason why inefficiencies occur. Unhappy and unmotivated employees will be less productive and develop inefficiencies. In order to combat this you should treat them with respect and build in rewards to maintain their enthusiasm. Teamwork can make a big difference to efficiency levels. By helping your employees collaborate on certain tasks and communicate better, you can work to improve efficiency levels.

The problem of substance abuse

The activities that employees carry out when they‘re away from the office can also impact their efficiency levels when they’re at work. Substance abuse is becoming more of a problem in the workplace, and it can have a huge impact on efficiency. If you believe that one or more of your employees has a problem, you need to help them deal with it.

Substance abuse can cover a wide range of areas, from alcohol and illegal drugs to nicotine and prescription medication. Employees who have a substance problem are more inclined to be absent from work and also have a much greater risk of injuring themselves in the workplace. Employees don’t have to have an extensive problem for it to affect efficiency. Even low level alcohol dependency can be costly for a business.

If you want to reduce substance abuse among your employees, you should have a drug and alcohol policy in place. This will include restricting or banning the consumption or possession of certain substances while in the workplace. If you want to test your employees to ensure they comply, there is an oral fluid lab test that you can conduct.

Substance abuse can be a major cause of inefficiency for a small business. These problems can be mitigated by education and training regimens that highlight the health and safety issues and show employees how they may be putting themselves and others at risk.

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