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Sales Smarts: Tips for Closing a Deal in Lightning Speed

15 October 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto25842499Being able to close a sale is what separates the great from the good sales people and if you can get the deal time in double-quick time, that really is a skill that is worth plenty of money.

A lot of successful sales people tend to hone their skills as they go along and are continually trying to perfect their technique, in search of the perfect pitch that closes a deal in lightning speed.

If there was a specific formula to that success we would all be using it and it wouldn’t work so well, but there are certain strategies that you can employ to improve your odds of success, such as knowing how to use a lead management system to best effect and how to approach certain sales situations.

Establishing a timeframe

One way to close a deal and complete the enquiry to closing cycle as quickly as possible, is to work on establishing a timeframe with the prospect so that you know when to try and close the deal.

The trick is to try and establish when the person wants the product or service you are selling and by asking them this question they will often be giving you the answer you need to establish when to close and when to follow up for a final decision.

Engage with your customer

Watching a good salesperson in full flow is often a case of seeing them engage with a customer and knowing when to listen and when to talk.

Engaging with your prospect and making a connection is about creating a flow in the conversation which leads to establishing a rapport. Once you have this scenario going on, it should be easier to close a sale.

Sales metrics

Making full use of data available to you is often a key component in achieving a high level of sale closures.

You want to ideally create a lead management system and a way of utilizing the information about your customers that you are collating, so that you can streamline your sales pitch and process to meet their needs.

Making use of sales metrics means liaising with all departments within the business so that you know how long it is taking from order to delivery and what is happening in terms of communication and dialogue with the customer in between these two points.

Always pay attention to trends and one common mistake that a number of sales managers tend to make is to disregard historical data as somewhat irrelevant.

You obviously always want to be moving forward and evolving your sales strategies but the most effective way that you can do this is by analyzing historical data and looking at aspects such as deal size in different periods, so you can see what progress is being made.

All of the data that you have at your fingertips and the skills that you can work on, will all help you to close a deal at lightning speed, once you get your technique and approach right.

Tanya Mueller has held a number of different marketing positions and likes to share her ideas and thoughts with others online. She writes regularly for a number of B2B websites.

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