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Self-Employment Ideas For The Free-Spirited Pauper

21 October 2015 One Comment

canstockphoto25823955So you’ve tried being a desk jockey, tied to an office position where others instruct you on when you are allowed to come and go. You found that to be an awful experience, not in keeping with your love of free expression and strong desire to try your hand at some freelancing. You know you can be a success. You are a hard, self-motivated worker. The problem is, you just don’t have the financial cushion to start up a costly business. Yet your entrepreneurial spirit seeks its own outlet. Sound familiar? Well, don’t despair. There are answers to your dilemma. Not all businesses cost an arm and a leg to start.

Review Your Skill Set

It is entirely possible that you are already in the enviable position of having the proper skills or training to start a business. It is not terribly costly to start small as a massage therapist, tutor, real estate broker, or the like. If you are not skilled in a similar area, decide what attracts you. What really interests you? Whatever business you decide to start, take time to ensure it is intriguing to your personality. There is little point in leaving one job you detest, only to start up a business that you find equally detestable.

Options For The Non-Professional

Many self-employment opportunities are available to anyone willing to take the time to build a customer base. With minimal investment you can start a consumer or commercial lawn care business, get licensed to do childcare, do residential or commercial cleaning, or become a handyman. Be smart about how you market your budding business. Try to find a niche for yourself. For example, many elderly persons need someone to do simple home and yard repairs for a reasonable price. These same people may need weekly grocery shopping, or food preparation. Think outside of the box and odds are good that you can create a business that will adequately serve both your financial and personal needs.

The Business Side of Business

A drawback for many who start up their own business is the lack of familiarity with how to run a business. Mostly it is the paperwork that is the challenge. It is important to take a little time to learn basic skills such as tracking income and expenses, tax-related items, and so forth. Find tools that help ease the time requirements for bookkeeping. Investigate mobile invoicing tools such as https://www.streetinvoice.com/mobile-invoicing.html that make field invoicing and tracking easy. Time is money. That old cliche is true. Time spent in the office pouring over paperwork is time that is not being spent out in the field, generating revenues.

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  • Sam Dickson said:

    Nice article, I really want my next venture in life to be self-employed one, it seems that with it will also come a really big learning curve but all of the things to be learnt are valuable anyway. Win win situation!.