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Three of Life’s Big Expenses that You Should Buy Second-Hand

27 November 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto1696497It’s amazing how quickly all of those essentials start to add up. Life in modern Britain is expensive, and unless you take some dramatic steps to improve your budgeting, your savings are never going to increase. You can go a whole month without splurging on any luxuries, and at the end of it, your bank balance remains decidedly unhealthy.

One method of cutting your costs is to start buying second-hand. Although some people have an inherent aversion to relying on other people’s cast-offs, there are some great bargains to be found, and you could help to save yourself an awful lot of money. If you’ve always purchased new before, then here are three essentials that you should buy used the next time that you’re in the market…

#1: Your Car

 As obvious as it sounds, buying your car second-hand could help to save you an awful lot of money. You’re always going to pay less for a 2007 model than you are for a sparkling upgrade straight from the showroom, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get your money’s worth. Lots of people are surprised to discover just how much further their cash goes when they’re buying used. The truth is that once you expand your search to include second-hand models, you’ll start to find cars that you could only ever dream of owning new. Websites like Exchange and Mart are a great place to start, offering a wide range of motors to choose from.

#2: Your Furniture

 You shouldn’t be so quick to go out searching for that luxurious new sofa either. If you want premier pieces on a budget, then buying second-hand is a wonderful way to begin. Websites like eBay and Preloved are filled with fantastic bargains to choose from, with the latter often offering unwanted items free of charge. If you really want to spruce them up, you can re-varnish and repaint them yourself, creating a unique masterpiece for a fraction of the price of custom-made furniture.

 #3: Your Clothes

 Even your wardrobe can receive a second-hand makeover. Lots of young professionals have an obsession with designer labels, but earning an income to match your shopping addiction can prove challenging. Vintage stores, eBay, and even charity shops offer the perfect solutions. Filled with hidden treasures for those willing to go in search of them, they offer you the means of creating a decadent clothing collection on a shoestring budget.

Buy second-hand today to reduce your outgoings without curtailing your buying.

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