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Handheld Metal Detector Benefits To Be Aware Of

10 December 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto11664612The evolution of metal detectors has been much faster than many expected in the past few years. We are now faced with dozens of different models and types that can be bought and that are designed with specific goals in mind. Out of all of them, the handheld models are the ones that have the highest popularity and are the most often used due to various different advantages that become available.

The handheld metal detectors are normally created in order to safeguard some areas that are security sensitive. Examples can be given in courtrooms, at sports events, businesses, correction facilities, schools, nightclubs and basically any public event or area that has to be protected. They are normally smaller than the regular portable detectors we all know like Garrett ATX metal detector. You regularly see them used in a connection with the walk through detectors. Woodworkers and construction crews normally utilize the handheld detectors in order to locate metallic debris like nails in trees and building materials that are reclaimed.

It is interesting to mention that recent studies proved the fact that the handheld metal detectors are currently as accurate as medical x-rays when referring to finding various metallic objects or even coins as they are swallowed by young children. They are completely radiation free, lightweight and cheaper than the x-ray machines. The sensitivity settings can be very high and necessary maintenance is quite little. Handheld detectors have a sensitive surface that features a special shape. The purpose for this is to make the operation of this device as easy as possible. When compared with the metal detectors that are portable but that have ring transducers, it is quite obvious that the easiness of use of the handheld metal detectors is much higher. In most situations the devices are operated by small 9 V batteries. Alternatively, there are some rechargeable batteries, usually of the NiMH variety.

The widest use for handheld metal detectors is associated with body searches in a security environment, with the purpose of controlling crowds and finding hidden weapons. Letters and parcels are checked with handheld detectors. To put it as simple as possible, whenever there is a need to check something smaller with a security purpose, the handheld devices are used.

There are many manufacturers that can be trusted, with Garrett being among those that are normally mentioned as top lists of the best handheld metal detectors are created. We are faced with some really small gadgets that have a high sensitivity, being able to detect guns and knives. Some handheld devices are so small that they can even detect hatpins lower than one inch.

Most handheld metal detectors feature a really easy to understand detection pattern. As you turn them on, there is a red signal pattern that would be transmitted to the searched area from the device’s coil. As signal reaches a metal, it will interrupt and detectors alert users that a metal is present through flashing lights or audio signals. Based on the exact use of the handheld device, there are different types you can choose from like all-purpose, gold metal, beach, professional or commercial.

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