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Why the Right Trading Platform is Important

22 January 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto9358088In terms of a financial “yellow brick road”, the FX markets have certainly proven their worth. A massive total sum of $5.3 trillion dollars changed hands every day during 2013 and this figure has only increased ever since. As this is also the most liquid market in the world, it is no wonder why so many traders are now utilising online electronic platforms to execute their positions on a daily basis. Much like any successful strategy, a bottom-up approach should be taken to enjoy success. The first component revolves directly around the type of trading platform employed. Why are such platforms so critical?

Ease of Execution

Successful Forex trades require lightning-fast reaction times. Due to the sheer liquidity of this market, there is no room for second-best platforms in this manner. So, buy and sell functions should be extremely clear and any framework must easily show the current value of a trade as well as one’s current capital. This enables the right decisions to be made at the most appropriate times.


Even the change of a few pips can have a massive impact upon one’s gains or losses. When referring to short-term strategies such as day trading and scalping, this rule becomes even more clear. Re-quotes and pages failing to load are fatal to any Forex position. Therefore, the trading platform needs to be as streamlined as possible. Let us also forget that any trade executed with inaccurate data runs the substantial risk of being “out of the money”.

Easy Management

The electronic platforms provided by CMC Markets are popular due to the fact that all of the major metrics are laid out in a user-friendly fashion. Currency pairs, charts, open positions and links to the latest financial news are all available with the click of a button. Such centralised architecture is excellent for novices while professionals will likewise appreciate the advantages provided. Clarity correlates with success in the world of the Forex markets.

Trading Tools

Any platform is only as good as the trading tools that it offers. Next-generation software needs to be employed to maximise one’s profits. Some of the most effective tools can include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • A customisable layout.
  • The ability to view multiple time frames at once.
  • Integrated charting packages.
  • Pattern recognition scanners.

While these features may appear a bit technical in nature, the fact of the matter is that such additions will inevitably provide traders with the insight and clarity necessary to make the appropriate choices when they are required.

A modern trading platform is the cornerstone of any successful strategy. It is therefore critical to keep all of these features in mind. The Forex markets are continuing to evolve at a breakneck pace and the ability to take advantage of high-speed Internet software has opened this world up to the budding investor. It only stands to reason that these platforms will only become more advanced in the coming years.

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