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How to: Organise your Fledgling Company

25 January 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto10636457You’re an entrepreneurial prodigy. You’ve accumulated more wealth than your parents’ earnings combined and your preferred mode of transport is a Beamer. But your meteoric rise is hampered by one factor – you’ve still not figured out how to keep your earnings steady.

It’s the mark of the brashness of youth. While you can push forward through enthusiasm and perseverance alone, a lack of organisation will eventually stultify your company to a fatal degree.

It barely matters how large your company is – organisation is the key to success.

As a business grows, an increasing number of managerial positions become necessary, a middle crust to delegate tasks and keep the clock ticking over. But it’s not the only form of organisation you’ll need if you want to make your business a long-lasting success.

Take a look at some of the tips and tricks below to keep your organisational skills honed as tightly as a lug nut on a boiler.

Payroll the easy way

Back in the bad old days, when abacuses were cutting edge technology and the concept of email was considered to be the ravings of a mad person, organising a payroll was a rigorous, time-consuming task that dominated your human resource department’s time.

Nowadays the process is much quicker. Payroll software has moved from the ghettoes of a glorified Excel spreadsheet and graduate to become an over-arching service that tracks the absences, promotions and key performance indicators of the employees in its database.

One of the best versions of this software is Ceridian, which combines everything an HR professional needs to stay organised. Purchase this package and you’ll cut your HR’s workload and keep organisation at its peak.

Don’t overdo it

So many companies swarm towards extra layers of management as though it was the saviour of their company when, in actual fact, the guiding hand of middle managers could start blocking the productivity of workers.

This problem is highlighted in David Graeber’s excellent book The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy, which documents how some companies hire middle managers without giving them much to do, torpedoing productivity in an instant.

Without a tight rein on the middle management sector of your business, things will spiral out of control. So remember – always manage your management.

The big plan

You’ve made it this far with moxie alone – now it’s time to create a more concrete plan.

Ask yourself, where do I want to be in five years’ time, and work forward from there. Working towards a reasonably attainable goal will focus your employees and push your company into the big leagues.

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