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Smart Investing: How To Maximise Your Wins, Without Losing Your Shirt The Fun Way

16 February 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto1696497Saving money is a good habit but cash constantly loses its purchasing power due to inflation. Simply stowing it away in a bank account is not particularly productive. If you want to have a secure future, then you have to make your money work for you so that it grows year after year.

You need to invest in things that will provide big returns. Each form of investment comes with its own risks so the trick is to minimise these while maximising the profits. The following are just a few of the more popular options that you can try:

The Stock Market

Despite the occasional crash, the stock market remains an important part of any financial investment strategy. Those who know how to play the game have the potential to earn a fortune by trading shares. Loses can also be quite big if you’re not careful. That’s why experienced traders do their homework before making any bets.

They study the different techniques in technical analysis which involves the graphic fluctuations of value. They also employ fundamental analysis to have a solid understanding of each company issuing the stocks. You can try your hand at mock trading to gain experience before placing money on the real thing.

Foreign Exchange

Another popular investment platform is the foreign exchange market. Here people trade currencies instead of stocks. The primary strategy remains the same: buy low and sell high. For example, wait for the US dollar to fall before purchasing and then sell them off when the value rises again. It’s all about timing. Technical and fundamental analysis may also be used as a guide. Look into other promising currencies and get to know the governments behind them. Keep abreast of the latest news in the country of origin so that you’ll have a better idea why the fluctuations are happening as they do.

Online Gaming

Since dealing with the stock market, foreign exchange, and binary options feels like a gamble, then why not go for the real thing with online casinos? These platforms allow people to experience the thrill of playing some of the most popular games in the comfort of their own home. Making your online casino experience profitable is a valid way to invest if you are confident enough in your skills. The good news is that you can practice as frequently as you like to gain valuable experience. It’s sure to be the most enjoyable form of investing you’ve ever tried.

Binary Options

This is the type of investment that should appeal to those who want simple rules and quick results. When you purchase a binary option, you pick an asset such as a stock, a currency pair, or a commodity. Then you predict whether the value will go up or down — just two choices. Select a timeframe for the prediction and place your bet on the platform. You could win big or lose big in a single round. Experienced investors will limit their bets to manage risk. They will also wait for favourable conditions before trading.


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