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5 Ways to Ensure You Get the Car That’s Right for You

23 February 2016 No Comment

woman-160342_640When shopping for a new car, many people set out looking for their ‘dream’ car. Whether that’s a sporty convertible or a large 4×4 Landrover. However, what they don’t realise is that their dream car might not be the right choice. It’s important to focus on what you need, rather than what you want.

A sporty convertible might be flashy and fun, but is it practical? What about the cost of insurance? Could you afford to pay for a higher-end model? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Below you’ll discover how to choose the car you actually need.

  1. Establish what you need

There are so many things to think about before choosing the right car. You’ll need to consider the number of passengers it will need to carry, which type of fuel you’d prefer to use and how many miles you will be doing for example.

Write a list of what you need from your new car. If you’re struggling for inspiration, you can find a few ideas on the Wisebuyer’s website.

  1. Set a realistic buying budget

Before shopping for a new car, you’ll need to have a good idea of how much you can afford. Few people have the funds to buy a new car outright so it’s worth looking into the different financing options available. If you choose the financing root, work out how much you can realistically afford to pay out each month.

Budget is one of the most defining factors in determining which car is right for you. We’d all love to own our dream car, but can you afford it?

  1. Consider all costs of ownership

Once you have an initial budget worked out, you then need to take into account long-term costs. How much will it cost to insure and tax the car? If you drive long distances, you also need to consider the price of fuel.

Establishing all of the costs involved will help you to really narrow down your search. If you’re watching what you spend, you’ll want a car that isn’t overly fast. The faster the car, the less efficient it is going to be.

  1. How and where will the car be used?

Driving in the city is a lot different to driving in the country. If your new car is going to be used solely to get you around the city, you’ll want something compact. A Mini is a great choice provided you buy it from a reliable dealer such as Ridgeway Garages. If you’re driving in the country however, a 4×4 would be a better choice.

  1. Factor in how much space you’ll need

This is something many car buyers don’t consider. As a general rule, it works to always opt for slightly more space than you think you’ll need. For example, if you have children they may want to give their friends a lift home too. Making sure you have enough space for everyone is essential when buying a family car.

These are just some of the main things you need to consider when choosing a new car. It’s a big decision so you need to spend as much time as you can research the different models available before choosing the right car for you.

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