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Dangers Of Bullying In The Office

1 March 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto22644055There are two people who are typically affected by bullying in the office. The first is the victim who feels like he or she is being bullied. The second is the business owner who may or may not be brought into a tribunal for an accusation of bullying. It’s important to examine the issues from both angles because there’s a lot of questions that surround this topic. For instance, is being bullied worth keeping a high paid job? We would argue no. But the fact is that some employers still view aspects of bullying as a character building exercise. You would be surprised how often this occurs and the industries where it is still present. For instance, heads of marketing teams have been known to pick the weakest employee and constantly make an example of them. It encourages the other team members to do better. But what about the person being bullied? The effects of bullying are regularly underestimated.

One case of bullying could have a severe impact on an individual in your business. That brings us to our first question.

What Is Bullying?

From the employee’s point of view, bullying could be considered to be anything that causes them physical or emotional harm. This is where the situation get’s a little tricky. We’re all different, and things said to one person might be taken as a joke while another might take offense. Essentially, we’re back to school rules. Does that mean we should obey the rules and regulations present in school in the office? We’ll get back to what an employer could do to prevent bullying a little further down. Let’s switch to their point of view.

For an employer bullying is probably a situation that causes harm that is disruptive to their work environment. Or anything that could cause them to have to attend a tribunal. Not all cases of bullying go to a tribunal. Typical it’s when bullying is regarded as harassment, constructive dismissal or discrimination. Peninsula Limited can offer constructive dismissal and bullying in the workplace advice. It might be worth looking at.

What Can Be Done About Bullying?

For an employee, it’s important that they do tell someone if they feel as though they are being bullied. Otherwise, there’s a strong possibility the bullying will go on unnoticed. Or, misunderstood for something else entirely such as harmless office fun. It’s frighteningly easy to mistake bullying for humour between colleagues. It’s an almost impossible line for employers to tread. No one wants to work in an environment where there are no jokes allowed. So what can employers do to solve cases of bullying?

It’s important that the policies of office bullying are clear for employees and everyone in the office to understand. That way, it’s less likely people will accidentally cross the invisible line. As well as this you need to make sure any cases of bullying are dealt with swiftly, and you have a no tolerance policy. Cases of bullying should be met with disciplinary action though not necessarily dismissal.

Automatically dismissing an employee due to a case of bullying can lead to legal issues you don’t want to deal with.

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