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Necessary Doctors for Millennials

16 March 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto14101140As we grow up and move out of our parent’s house, graduate from college, we have a slew of new things to worry about.  From the very important personal finance, to figuring out how to make our own doctor’s appointment for the first time, since mom used to always just do it for us. There are a lot of new things to take care of.  Working in health care as a millennial, I can say that saving money to buy my first house is very important to me, but also taking care of my own health is even more important.  I have seen young people like me get sick because they did not go see some of the major specialty doctors that could have prevented some of the illnesses prior to turning into something more extreme. If you have health insurance (which we all should if we have full time jobs) then going to the doctor for checkups and exams is not expensive.

Primary Care Doctors are very important to have.  You should have one by now and feel comfortable making an appointment with them for any unusual or painful ailment you have going on. These kinds of doctors are also very import to see once a year even if you are feeling great and perfectly healthy.  They can detect high blood pressure, early onset diabetes, check your weight/ BMI, and do a complete blood workup.  Knowing that you are ok physically will give you great peace of mind.

See a Dermatologist once a year for a full body mole check.  Even though you saw your Primary Care Doctor, they may not have done a full body mole check.  Dermatologists are specialists and can spot an abnormal mole much easier than a Primary Care Doctor.  Skin Cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, and getting checked out every year is very important.

Optometrists play a key role in young people’s lives.  Your eyes change with age, so if you have not been to the Optometrist since you were a kid you need to go.  Do your research and find more info on how an optometrist can help you keep your vision healthy.   You may need glasses to drive, or have been wearing contacts since you were 14; either way you need to get them checked each year.

Gynecologists for women are a scary thing sometimes, but as young women we need to go every year. Gynecologists will prescribe you birth control, check for HPV and STD’s, along with a breast exams.  Having a good Gynecologist you trust is important too, so ask your friends who they see and if they would recommend them.

Going to the Dentist is never fun, but oral health is essential.  Make sure you keep up the every six months cleanings like you did when you were a kid and you should not have too many issues in your lifetime.

If you are saving money for the better things in life, then you better make sure you live long enough to enjoy it.

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