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Review of Ultimate4Trading

21 April 2016 No Comment

ultimatetradingIn this article, we’re going to review Ultimate4Trading’s algorithm for financial trading. The company offers downloadable software to perform Binary options trading.
Firstly, as with any trading system, it’s important to take into account how exactly it’s used and whether it will be a benefit to you. The Ultimate4Trading strategy is binary options trading. This means that instead of trading in gold bullion for example, you trade on whether the price of Gold will go up or down. This means that the value of your stock won’t be locked into the value of the gold, rather it will be locked into the algorithm’s ability to determine whether gold will increase in value, or decrease.

Ultimate4Trading has specialised software that will check for certain signals in the market. When these signals appear then the software will automatically trade on whether the value of the stock will increase or decrease. This means that the system can be completely automated, saving you the work of checking the stock market every few minutes for what’s going on and taking action from there.

The algorithm works by first analysing and sorting through terabytes of data about the stock market. This includes current stocks, predictions for the future, and qualitative data from people working in the industry. The algorithm then presents the user only with the trades that have a 70% chance of success or more.

Ultimate4Trading offers a free demo to try the software out, and invest without placing real funds into the account. This means you can test out how useful the software will be for you, and you can decide from there whether you think you will make a profit from it or not.

When you register a full account, you will need to deposit £200. The software will then partner you with a broker – normally EZTrader. Once certain signals hit, the software will notify you and you can then set the amount of finances you would like to put into your binary options trade. Everything else is taken care of by the algorithm and software. It will take any losses out or place profits into your account.

One of the options available in the software is the 60 seconds options. These aren’t automated and require the user to sit down with the software and choose through each signal, so is great for those that like control. These go through trades very quickly and normally have a high success rate, so this would be a good way to increase your profits dramatically within a few days. Of course the times you turn the 60 second option on will make a great deal of difference to your profits and losses. The market will be more volatile during busy trading hours.

As the software doesn’t require the user to have any specialist knowledge, education or training, and has a success rate of 70% and over, we believe the software is very useful. Of course as with any financial trading, there is always the chance that you will lose money as well as gain, but we believe the benefits outweight the risks with this software.

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