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Top 10 Best Performing Scottish Companies On The Stock Market

2 May 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto6675350Investing in the stock market can be an extremely profitable venture if you know who to invest in, when to invest and when to sell. Finding the disposable income to start investing might seem difficult if you have a lot of debt, but you can get help to clear your debt quicker with the help of a trust deed. These can help to consolidate any debt you have to get it paid off quicker, giving you more disposable income. Once you are in the position to invest, looking at some of the highest performing companies in each area is important so you can invest wisely, so we have put together a list of the top 10 best performing Scottish companies on the stock market.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc (RBS) is a British banking and insurance holding company based in Edinburgh. With a revenue of 12.92 billion GDP (as of 2015), it is one of the largest companies on the London Stock Exchange. As of close on 15th April 2016, RBS was number 19 on the FTSE 100.

Smart Metering Systems PLC (SMS) has seen revenue and profits in 2015 and said that revenue increased 27% last year to £53.9m and pre-tax profit was up almost 60%. The company started 2016 by signing five new domestic smart meter agreements and had bought three companies, CH4 Gas Utility and Maintenance Services, Trojan Utilities and Qton Solutions. The company’s performance figures indicate a huge increase of 67.34% over the last three years and a growth of 31.07% over the past six months.

Sigma Capital’s (SGM) performance has gradually increased over the past three years after recovering from the plummet in 2008 due to the recession. The private rented sector and regeneration specialist beat market expectations with their pre-tax profit figures and believes that it is well positioned for 2016, in the hopes of delivering over 3,000 units by the end of the year.

Celtic PLC 6% (CCPA) – Since a peak in the stocks in January 2013, Celtic PLC 6% has remained relatively steady and on the rise. 2014 saw the stock’s price rise to 62.5000 and July 2015 saw them rise again to 65.0000 where they have remained (other than a few sharp drops in March 2016).

Craneware PLC’s (CRW) engaged in the development, licensing and ongoing support of computer software for the US healthcare industry. Its performance figures indicate an 88.17% increase over the last 3 years. Shares in Craneware PLC have risen as high as 840 in the last 52 weeks whilst the lowest price has been 612.2.

ELAND Oil & Gas (ELA) – despite previous fall over the last 3 years, performance over the last three months indicates it is beginning to rise. The Nigeria focused oil and gas production and development company celebrate some impressive test results from its joint venture OML 40 project after re-entering the Opuama-3 which could lead to an increase in production.

Frontier IP Group PLC (FIPP) has a market capitalisation of £9 million and has been gradually making its way back up after a small performance drop in late 2014. The company specialises in the commercialisation of Intellectual Property mainly from universities – with Scotland having the highest concentration of universities in Europe. This week it has extended its academic reach and is the first to be made by the group with a university outside of the UK giving it room for progression in the future.

Faroe Petroleum (FPM) stock performance was good in 2015, despite a sharp drop, but it is steadily rising back up after winning six Norwegian offshore licenses in January. The independent oil and gas firm’s chief executive commented that 2015 was a good year of growth and good progress despite a backdrop of significantly lower commodity prices. It is these low commodity prices that are looking to challenge the firm but with a range of cost reduction measures being put in place for 2016, they are preparing to maintain their good progress for 2016.

Produce Investments plc (PIL) had a strong year in 2013 and compared to that, 2016’s performance so far has been mediocre. However, the past year has shown an improvement in their performance so things might be starting to look up for Produce Investments PLC.

Scotgold Resources Ltd‘s (SGZ) stocks have been gradually rising and falling over the past year. However, they are currently looking to be on the up after the announcement that the firm were beginning a bulk processing trial over 2016 at Cononish, Scotland’s only gold mine in February 2016, despite their stocks looking to have had some of the worst performance since 2008.

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