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4 Tools That Make Running a Business More Efficient

6 May 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto12808644Small business owners wear many hats, and are oftentimes a one-man show. Which means one person is left in control of business duties, like social media and inventory management, finances and bookkeeping, file storage and more. While it takes a lot of work to keep a business running smoothly, owners can rest assured that there are tools available to help them get more done quickly, leaving more time for what really matters.

Social Media Management

Reposting, retweeting, liking and sharing can be simplified. Today’s social media professionals can manage all of their accounts from one place with a social media tool like Hootsuite. Simply enter your social account information to get started. The dashboard makes social media monitoring easy, plus, you’ll have access to important information like social media analytics and insights. With Hootsuite, small business social media pros can even run campaigns and ads all while engaging with influencers and following leads.

Simplified Bookkeeping

Most small business owners are passionate about their company and its products — not the numbers. While the numbers and finances are very important, they aren’t always easy to manage. Instead of hiring an expensive accountant, small business owners can now manage their own bookkeeping with Sage One, an online accounting software and invoicing tool. Say goodbye to tricky spreadsheets and hello to an easy-to-navigate online tool that offers built-in reports and business insights. Business owners who use Sage One can work from anywhere, keeping an eye on their money and their company growth all from their tablet or laptop.

File Storage

Toss out that old, disorganized filing cabinet and move your important documents to the cloud. Today, savvy small business owners use the cloud to store their business files; and it makes sense, as these files can be accessed from nearly anywhere when they are stored in the cloud. Plus, finding the files takes just seconds — no more shuffling through binders or fillers anymore. SugarSync is one of the most powerful and simplest cloud storage systems available today. With SugarSync small business owners can share, sync and backup files from any device. Plus, they can rest assured that their files are safe, as SugarSync is highly secure.

Inventory Management

Ranked as one of the top inventory management softwares of 2016 by Capterra, and used by businesses including Sears, Etsy and Amazon, Sellbrite can help small business owners keep an eye on their inventory. The cloud-based, multi-channel selling tool allows business owners to list and sell their products via multiple sales channels, sync and control business inventory, and fulfill and manage orders. Sellbrite also gives business owners key insights, such as multi-channel reporting intelligence. The easy-to-navigate interface offers powerful and intelligent features that can help small business owners sell more merchandise.

When it comes to running a small business, there’s more to it than taking care of your customers and offering your products. Today’s small business owners need to be savvy and up to date with the latest online tech tools that can help drive business and make managing a small business a breeze.

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