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What Does It Take To Create A Business That Stands Out?

12 May 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto1762385-2Why is it some businesses quickly become highly revered with popular brands? Yet others struggle to break even each year. It can feel like some of the most successful companies had little to do to achieve their fame and accolade. And it’s always the person behind the brand that stands out. So how do we achieve that recognition for our efforts? Is there a clever trick to creating a business that stands out?

The Woman Behind The Business

Many of the most successful companies have a CEO that lives a very public life. They are comfortable to speak publicly and feature in YouTube and promotional videos. They are the face of the company. But they’re confident because they’re knowledgeable. They’ve steered their business along the path to success because they have kept informed. Reading around your product market is essential. And so is understanding the key concepts of business management. You can find plenty of female entrepreneur resources online to help you feel more confident and able to speak about your company.

Building a Memorable Brand

It’s not just about an attractive logo or snappy tag line. Your brand can only be memorable if you keep reminding people it exists. Associate it with all the products, concepts, and ideas that are positive and relevant to your company. Keep it in the public eye to give it staying power in their minds. This doesn’t mean you need to have a huge advertising budget. But it does mean you need to keep pushing your brand out there. Blog articles, CRM, and product reviews can all work well if they are presented correctly.

Returning Customers

It is so much easier to keep the customers you have than to keep pushing to find new ones. Once you have a positive contact with a customer, it is essential you keep up the rapport. This can be achieved through effective CRM programs. Work to communicate with your customer, and provide them with rewards for their continued loyalty.


If you don’t enter your business into an awards category, it’s not likely anyone else will. Keep a good record of your successes. Write some convincing copy about your journey and your positive impact on customers, employees, and the community. Enter for local business awards, product category awards, and any others relevant to your market place. You’ll soon collect plenty of extra logos you can place at the bottom of your business stationery and marketing literature.


It is essential to meet with the influencers, movers and shakers in your industry. But you can also cast a wider net. Meet those people in the business world that inspire you and motivate you to continue on this journey to corporate success. Networking makes your name known. Who knows? You could be the next mentor for someone up and coming. For now, work to meet people that may help you progress.

Most of us would love to be recognized for what we have achieved in life. Making an impact with your business could be the perfect way to do that. Become memorable for all the right reasons and your legacy will stand.

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