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US economy in 3 numbers

16 May 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto3643546The Financial Times have released a video featuring their US managing editor Gillian Tett titled ‘The US in 3 numbers’, in which Gillian lists the 3 numbers she believes represents the current US economy.

Whether there are actually 3 numbers you could list to sum up the economy of an entire county we don’t know, but check out the video and see whether the FT have done a good job:

The three numbers are –

40% – the percentage of so called ‘imports’ which are actually made in America. During the manufacturing process of a car, parts can actually cross the US/Mexico border up to 8 times.

53 million – This is more than the population of South Africa, yet this is the number of Americans who currently work as freelancers. This may seem like a huge number, but if you consider the amount of plumbers, editors, writers or even Uber drivers, you can see how the number grew to the size it did.

12 trillion – This is the amount, in US dollars, which Americans are due to inherit from relatives over the next 10 years as they lose relatives. To give you an idea of just how much that is, it is 152 times the total wealth of Bill Gates. It’s such a massive amount that it will have an affect on the economy as younger people use their money differently.

What do you think, do these three numbers sum up the economy? Let us know which 3 you would pick. Check out the FT’s website now for a chance to trial the site for 4 weeks for just $1 http://bit.ly/1QS3H1r

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