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Here Are 15 Easy Ways to Save Some Money Every Day

23 May 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto7187839Planning to save money to fix your personal finance status or pay off some personal loans? Here are some tips that might make the task easier for you.

  1. Set a daily budget!

Having a daily budget and sticking to it will ensure that you don’t go overspending. Make sure the budget you design will allow you to save a substantial amount of cash.

  1. Have a “No Touch” Savings Account

Open a savings account that under all circumstances you should not touch or withdraw from. This will make certain that you always have some money stored for emergency use.

  1. Deposit to Your Savings Account Regularly

Make sure to deposit money to your “no touch” savings account fairly regularly. Pro-tip: Take 5 to 10% of your paycheck and put it into this bank account. This will make sure that you’re saving some precious money every month.

  1. Pay off Your Personal Loans on Time

Late dues are sometimes the problem why people can’t seem to save money. Take care of this small problem immediately and efficiently.

  1. Don’t Borrow Money

Don’t get personal loans while you’re busy saving up cash. This will come and haunt you in the near future. You might have no choice but to dip into your personal savings

  1. Make a Weekly Food Plan

Every Sunday, sit down a table and plan out what you’re going to eat during the entire week, from breakfast and lunch, to dinner. Stay on this course and you’ll see that sticking to a plan will make you save a couple of bucks.

  1. Stop Buying Coffee at Cafes

Buying a cup of coffee every morning from a case can be pretty expensive. Brew your cup at home and this might save you some cash every week.

  1. Do Your Laundry at Home

Getting your laundry done by other people is an unnecessary expense. Do it yourself and you’ll notice that you’ll be able to save a lot after a month.

  1. Stop Buying Impulsively

Buying something that catches your attention can hurt your personal finance situation. Before purchasing an item, ask yourself if you really need it or if you can wait for a sale.

  1. Lessen Electricity and Water Use

Look around your home or apartment and see where you can conserve energy. At day, don’t turn on the lights. When you leave, unplug your appliances. Charge your gadgets at the office. Doing this will significantly reduce your utility bills.

  1. Think About What You Buy at the Grocery

Often, you don’t have to sacrifice your home essentials. What you need to do, however, is to be smart about it. Look for alternative brands that are cheaper but have the same quality.

  1. Don’t Waste Change

Every coin counts. Make sure you gather all of them every day and put them in a nice little container or coin bank. They may reach the hundreds after a couple of months.

  1. Explore New Travel Routes

Taking a cab or an Uber to work? Take the bus or trains instead. This will reduce your daily expenses.

  1. Do the Occasional Extra Shift

Doing an hour of overtime or taking a second shift will do wonders for your personal finance situation.

  1. Quit Those Vices

Young people spend a lot on alcohol, cigarettes and going out. Stay in a night or two and refuse those vices. These usually cause you thousands annually.

With these tips, we’re certain that you’ll be able to manage personal loan and save thousands at the end of every year.

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