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Upgrading your car when you have a growing family

9 June 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto15303020Remember when you were young and single, when you had money to spare and could have almost anything you wanted? Those were great days, but are usually just a memory when you have a family. Often, the first thing to go is your sporty car because the fact is that you need to upgrade your car when you have a growing family.

Why upgrade?

There are several reasons why you may need to upgrade your car when your family gets bigger. The first is down to space. A sporty two-seater car does not have the room in the back for the safety seats that all children need when being driven in the car, and it does not it have sufficient trunk space.

A family car is also fitted with plenty of safety features. These can include features that help you to avoid accidents, such as proximity sensors, advanced braking systems, electronic stability controls, and lane-keeping support. Some cars also feature alerts, such as a collision warning system and drowsiness alert. Then there are the features that come into play once an accident has happened. These include airbags, which are often located not just in the front now, but also at the side and at knee height.

The first step to acquiring a decent family car is to consider your family’s needs. For example, how big is it likely to get? How much trunk space is required? How economic are the models on your shortlist in terms of mileage? What features come as standard? Once you have whittled down your choices in this way, you need to find out where you can buy such a car.

You could opt to buy from a private seller, but it may be more financially attractive to check out local dealers who may offer a better deal by taking your old car in part exchange. A dealer may also be able to offer you an attractive payment plan, allowing you to spread the cost of the car out over a few years. If not, however, you may want to consider other ways of spreading the cost, such as taking out a car loan with a company such as Auto Loan Solutions. If you buy a brand new car, or even one that is only six months old, it is likely that you will need to make a down payment to secure it. You will also need to find the money to pay for the insurance.

With an official dealer, you may also be able to negotiate the inclusion of extras in your deal. This may be something minor such as free car mats, but it could also be a favorable upgrade in terms of features. Some car manufacturers are also designing child seats to fit exactly into their models, so it is worth checking these out.

When you have a family, your priorities change. Protect your family when driving by investing in a car that works to keep them safe and yet still has all the features that you as an adult require.

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