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Innovative Binary Options strategies

25 June 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto7436895Once you have gained a little experience in binary options trading you may find it relatively simple to predict the point at which one trend will end and the asset will reverse direction. This, in itself, can be a great way of trading. You are likely to get higher rates of return as you are going against the trend. However, predicting a turning point is one thing, calculating an exact price that an asset will reach is much more difficult.

There are several software applications which can help you to assess the market and determine the best time to place a trade, when to grab your profit and when the assets is likely to peak. Of course, even with a vast amount of knowledge at your fingertips this is a tricky strategy to get right every time. The key part of any trade is not getting the direction, this is relatively simple, it is actually deciding the price the asset will reach and how long your trade needs to be to ensure it reaches the expected level. Getting your binary options strategy right is crucial to becoming a successful trader.

Trading in currencies, which is completed in pairs, is one of the best opportunities to practice your binary options strategies. Currencies can be extremely volatile making them an excellent choice for is known as breakout trading. For example, you decide to trade in the GBP/USD and you can see that that the movement between these two currencies has stayed with a set range for a considerable amount of time. Before you can trade you should establish the highest point at which the pair has been trading. If the pair passes this point there will be a significant amount of activity.

You will then need to identify which market factors are likely to push the pair upwards. As soon as these market factors start to come into play then you can place your trade. The market movements and subsequent trades will help to push the price above its normal trading range.
There are several factors which should be considered when considering this or any other binary options trading strategies:
• You must locate a level where you think a multitude of stop orders will congregate. The momentum towards your established level will trigger these stop orders which will ensure the price of the currency pair shoots upwards.
• You can attempt this binary trading strategy in any market, but the more volatile ones are the most likely to produce successful results. The key to your trade is getting your timing right, the more movement the asset usually makes the better a candidate it is for your strategy.
• Whilst you may have worked out the break point it is essential to wait until it is confirmed by other market activity. This will ensure you do not trade too early and miss the opportunity.
• Your break point must take into consideration the length of the trade and the type of asset you are trading in; if you do not allow for this your timing will be significantly out.

No matter which strategy you will choose for you binary options trading – try to combine fundamental and technical approach. Visit InvestManiacs.Com education section in order to find more profitable strategies for your trading!

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