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How You Can Save Money At Home

1 August 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto17165937Whether you are set to graduate this year or have landed your first real job or have decided to go to university. Living on your own in your twenties is exciting but this is the time when responsibilities start to mount up including bills and finances. Throughout your twenties it is a time to have fun but it is equally a time to start shaping your future. Here is a list of things that you can do to save money at home which can then be put into a savings account.

LED Lighting

There are many great benefits to investing into LED lighting in your home; one that stands out is the fact that they have significantly longer life. LED bulbs have an amazing operational life time expectation of up to 100.000 hours, which is the equivalent to 11 years of continuous operation or 22 years of 50 per cent operations. This means if you leave on your www.lightrabbit.co.uk or any other LED fixture for 8 hours per day it would take around 20 years before you would have to replace the bulbs. This means they are an extremely cost effective investment, as well as being incredibly environmentally friendly too.


If you have a modern build home then you should already have sealed window and doorways. For those who don’t it is a good idea to make sure your home is well insulated as a third of a home’s total heat is lost through drafty windows and doors. BY simply sealing up crack and adding proper insulation can save an average of 15 per cent on heating and cooling costs. If you can’t afford to get a professional in you can always do a DYI job and try using insulated window shades, weather stripes or plastic film kits to seal up openings. Caulk is also a simple way to fill cracks in floors, windows and doorways.

Home Furnishings

During extreme weather seasons like summer and winter, curtains or blinds as the best method as natural heating and cooling systems as they can cut costs by 45 per cent. Most conventional draperies can reduce heat loss from a warm room up to 10 per cent. If you are looking to save the pennies when it comes to heating bills try your best to add a jumper or snuggle up in a blanket when the months get colder rather than cranking the heating up.

Bottled Water

Not only is bottled water expensive it isn’t very economical either. If drinking from the tap is not your cup of tea, you are better off investing in a water filter, which is a simple and cost effective alternative. It is also far better for the environment too.


Recycling may sound like an odd one if you want to save money but there are many programmes and websites which recycle your used items and can earn you rewards or even cash in return. You will even be able to recycling mostly anything from your old clothes to mobile phones.

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