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Your Career in Focus: Which Graduate Jobs pay the Best

21 September 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto27152791While pursuing a higher educational course and becoming an academic graduate was once considered to be a most effective way to build a lucrative career, this is no longer the case in the current job market. In fact, a quarter of existing graduates regret pursuing the path that they did, wishing that they had instead considered one of the numerous vocational careers available to them.

Despite the growing apathy towards higher education, however, there are some graduate careers that continue to offer incredible opportunities and a high level of financial remuneration. If you can successfully target these careers, you can make the most of your education and ensure that it is put to good use.

3 of the Top Paying Graduate Jobs

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most lucrative graduate careers in 2016: –


While the average remuneration for Mathematics graduates in £39,010, it should be noted that this degree options up diverse opportunities across multiple markets and sectors. The most lucrative of these exist within the financial markets, where the demand for keen numerical and critical thinking skills remains particularly high. In addition to standard accountancy and statistician roles, however, Maths graduates can also move into the world of banking and even becoming reputable traders through online home platforms, such as Hantec.

Mechanical Engineer

 This career pays slightly higher at an average of £39,106, but make no mistake it also offers you access to a number of glamourous industries that have no real limits on their remuneration potential. From the aerospace sector to industries such as construction and military defence, those with proven mechanical engineering skills can carve out a successful and well-paid career irrespective on the economic climate.

This is therefore a career that also offers security and longevity, which is a true rarity in the modern age.


This is the first career on our list to top the $40,000, with an average starting salary of £40,788 currently available to graduates. While this qualification affords you access to a smaller array of career choices (including interior design), the seven years of work that it takes to become a fully-accredited architect delivers security, stability and ultimately excellent financial rewards. There is also a current construction market boom in the south of England and London, so this qualification is likely to lead to gainful and long-term employment for graduates.

Once again, this is not something that can be said of many careers in the current economic climate.

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