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How to Get a Well-Paid Job in a Thriving Industry

22 September 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto2004112Although we all have different goals in life, few people would turn their noses up at a well-paid job in a thriving industry, and if this numbers amongst your desires, embrace it. Ambition is nothing to be sneered at, and provided that you’re willing to put in the time and effort required to succeed, there is little to stop you from achieving your dreams.

This doesn’t mean that success will come easily. You have to really want it, and must be prepared to prioritise doing well professionally above most other things in your life. To help you out, here are a few pointers to guide you…

#1: Get the Qualifications

Most well-paid job roles will require a university degree, and this is where the hard work will start. If you did well in yours, you’ve already set yourself ahead of the competition, but if you didn’t, don’t fret. There are plenty of other vocational qualifications that you can tuck away under your belt, and although you’ll have to pay for the privilege of gaining them, most will stand you in good stead. The trick is to ensure that, on paper, you’re well-qualified, educated, and intelligent.

#2: Gain Experience

Even if you lack a dazzling academic career, this can often be made up for by the relevant experience. This doesn’t all have to come from your current and former job roles; if you don’t have the experience that you need, get it, even if this means doing some unpaid work. Assuming that you wish to get your foot in the door, look at the sort of companies that you want to be employed by, and ask them if they offer internships or work experience. If the answer is ‘yes’, you’ll be able to show that you’re capable of doing what’s required in a competitive professional environment, and that you’re aware of and can cope with the workload.

#3: Be Prepared to Go Where the Work Is

When it comes to getting your foot in the door in a competitive industry, it can also help to be relatively nomadic. Work opportunities won’t always arise in your backyard, and it might be that you have to consider moving to secure the job of your dreams, perhaps even to another country. If this doesn’t appeal to you, remember that it needn’t be forever; you can always keep an eye open for other opportunities closer to your preferred location, and can move back once you manage to secure one.

#4: Be Prepared to Start from the Bottom

Finally, understand that opportunities will not simply drop themselves in your lap. From start to finish, you will have to work for them. Career progression is best seen as stepping stones, with the first ones being the university you attend and the degree that you obtain, and the last being the job of your dreams. This might mean that you have to start from the bottom of an organisation in order to get your foot on the ladder, and give yourself the chance to work your way to the top. After all, well-paid, thriving industries are competitive, and the best prospects are not going to be handed to you on a plate; if you want them, you’ll have to strive for them.

Follow these four top tips today, and set yourself on the path to success.

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