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Teens And Adults In Their Twenties Are Completely Avoiding Buying A Car

23 September 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto3949561Apply for a graduate job this year and you’ll always come across one particular prerequisite. You must have a driving license, and usually, they’ll require a couple of years experience on the road. Nope, we’re not talking about driving jobs here. Almost every employer demands it. Why is this? Well, it could be because you’re going to need to travel at some point during your job. Even if you’re working in an office, you might need to see a client. If you can’t just drive there, you’re creating a problem for your employer. They’ll avoid that by not even considering hiring you. Alternatively, they might just want to make sure that you can get to work on time.

Why then, are so many teens and young adults avoiding driving altogether?

Learning Is Expensive

Yes, learning to drive is expensive, and there’s evidence to suggest that the cost has increased in recent years. It might not have reached the point where young people simply don’t want to bother. Or, more likely, their parents are refusing to pay. Instead, many young people are leaving university without a driving license. The inability to drive is often mocked in the media, but it’s a lot common than most people realize. The bad news is that the driving test might be getting harder. People have been complaining lately that the test is to easy and the cause of a number of road accidents. You might be better to book now before the costs rise yet again.

The Roads Are Dangerous

We can’t get through one day without seeing set another story of a terror crash in the media. People have been killed and left fatally injured on the road. If you didn’t think about these stories when you learned how to drive, it was probably for the best. They might have kept you off the road completely. Of course, that isn’t to say there isn’t the threat of cost worrying people here too. If you get caught breaking the law on the road, you could be looking at a hefty fine. A fine that most young people won’t be able to afford. Scheiner Law Attorneys and other legal reps can help drivers dodge these fines. But then you need to worry about legal costs that young people definitely won’t be able to handle.

Insurance Is A Nightmare

Is it fair that insurance is so high for young drivers? To a certain extent yes because unfortunately, they are the ones most likely to crash. Either due to lack of real life experience or limited confidence, young drivers do make mistakes. These mistakes often cause accidents that put them off the road and take other people with them. That’s why insurance premiums are so high they are almost impossible to pay. Rather than buying a car, you’re better off hopping on the same policy as your parents. But, we think a lot of parents are starting to grow weary about insuring their children on precious automobiles.

Other Expenses

Lastly, young people and teens are spending their money elsewhere. They don’t want their measly paycheck to go towards upkeep for a car that they don’t need. They want to go on holidays, go drinking and head out to parties. All of these things are expensive and most young people will sacrifice owning a car to do them. Whether it affects their career prospects or not. We guess the view below must be quite familiar to a lot of young people.

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