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5 Challenges You Will Face Starting up as a Mobile Mechanic

28 October 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto19833747Those aiming to start a career as a mobile mechanic will face a number of challenges. Many of these will be the same that anyone making an independent business venture will face, but others are a bit more idiosyncratic. Luckily they can all be navigated so long as you’re prepared.


There’s a lot of specialist equipment a mechanic might need but fortunately you can get it all from specialists like SGS. Buying everything can be more financial strain than a start-up can bear. One way to mitigate costs is to begin as a specialist in one kind of job, but that will limit your customer base.


You’ll need specialist insurance that covers you to drive clients’ cars as well as your own work vehicle, and if you’re operating out of a van you’ll want to make sure that the full value of any tools you have is insured—they’re a common target for theft and standard insurance will offer limited business coverage at best.

Processing Payment

Many customers will look askance at requests to be paid in cash, and you’ll need a paper trail to help you fill out your self-assessment tax return at the end of each fiscal year, so its best to have electronic invoicing and car payment facilities.

Attracting Customers

You’ll need to do enough business to keep yourself afloat so it’s vital to make your presence known. Adverts in newspapers and directories are helpful but nothing is more valuable than word of mouth. Your service needs to be competitive in both quality and price if you hope to establish yourself. That said, don’t undervalue your own services—you need to cover your travel costs if mobility is a selling point.

Cash Flow Problems

A positive cash flow is more important that profit, especially when you are starting up, so manage your business carefully. Starting out small with a side business means you can establish yourself without exposing yourself to the risk of giving up your existing income. Taking a course in management can also help you know what to expect and keep your head above water in the early days of your enterprise.

If you know all these hurdles are coming and know how to tackle them then you are well on your way to your start as a mobile mechanic.

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