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Private Agencies Give The Support You Need

1 November 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto23725786Being a single parent can be a challenging task, especially when your ex-partner fails to offer the child support you’re promised. While there’s a court system put in place to help connect you with the money you’re owed, it’s not always as successful as you’d hope it would be. Certain cases that require more time to track down an NCP (Non-Custodial Parent) and obtain their payments need more than the government can offer. A private child support enforcement agency has the necessary time, effort, staff, and funding at their resources to get the desired results. Independent agencies are specialized in providing a personalized touch that guarantees success.

Like most government departments, your state’s child support enforcement office is understaffed and overwhelmed with caseloads. Though they try their hardest to give every individual the attention they need, sometimes they can’t deliver on their promises. Their lack of funding makes it difficult to invest the appropriate time challenging cases require. In the private sector, funding isn’t an issue. They have more than enough resources to employ a team of lawyers, investigators, and enforcers that can devote as much time as necessary to each case that comes across their agency. Like the team at Support Collectors, an agency that helps single parents across the USA locate NCPs, they have a variety of strategies to track down the overdue payments.

Their funds come from contracts with single parents like you. Their nominal fee should be straightforward, without any unnecessary application or case development charges meant to inflate the cost of their services. You’ll find that it’s well-worth the eventual back pay of delinquent support payments — the success of which is very high. The probability of their assistance resulting in child support grows exponentially when you confirm the private agency is licensed, bonded, and affiliated with the Child Rights Enforcement Council. An A+ rating on the third-party Better Business Bureau is another indicator of a reliable agency, as is a history of satisfied clients.

Government child support enforcement agencies have their place. They’re an important resource for low-income single parents and for those with uncomplicated cases. But their importance shouldn’t discredit private child support enforcement agencies, as these are a great supplement for those with difficult cases. They can locate hard-to-find NCPs and effectively negotiate payments, getting you in touch with the money you need to raise your child. Being a single parent can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Ease the strain of your task by getting the support you need.

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