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Is the Cost of a University Degree Worth It?

18 November 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto10451265Getting a degree is really important these days, but it is also extremely expensive. This is the reason why one of the major points of contention during the presidential race of 2016 was student debt. Young adults are getting themselves into a lot of debt simply for paying for their higher education. So, is the cost of a university degree from a school like Rutgers University really worth it? Continue reading for the answer to this important question.

If You Want a Career That Requires a Specific Education, Yes

If you wish to enter into a career, for example social work, which requires that you have a specific skill set and level of education for licensure, you will need to get a degree from a college or university. Whether you get your masters in social work online through one of the many MSW online programs that are available, or you choose to attend college in person, does not matter. What matters is proving that you know the ins and outs of the industry and that you are qualified to work directly with the public every day. Only a university degree can prepare you for a job in that type of industry.

If You Wish to Command a Higher Salary, Yes

If you wish to enter into a career that will provide you with consistent employment, great benefits, and a higher salary, yes, you will definitely want to get your university degree. Putting the time, effort, and money into a college degree today will pay off in the long run, as that degree will open up a variety of career opportunities that previously weren’t even an option. You will be able to apply to a lot more jobs that pay well from the start, and you will also be able to command a higher salary if you are already working, or if you are being interviewed for a job but you feel that the base pay is not adequate.

If You Want to Have a Career to Fall Back On, Yes

Even if you are able to get a fantastic job that pays well and provides you with benefits right out of high school, what happens if, in the future, you end up getting fired or the company that hired you goes out of business? You will be left with nothing but your experience to look for a new job, and that may not be enough. You are likely to find that a lot of employers today want college graduates, and they list specific college degrees in their job postings’ requirements. This will severely limit you if you don’t have higher education, but if you were to get your degree, even if you are working right out of high school, you will always rest assured that you have a plan B to fall back on.

Even though the cost of higher education today is very high, there are ways to get financial aid, and education is always worthwhile, worth the cost, and necessary.

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