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Cheap Ways To Improve Your Appearance

1 December 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto18590894Anyway who’s seen the show Doctor Who will be familiar with how the title character can regenerate, changing all of his cells and saving himself from death at the very last second. While none of us can do this in real life, it is essentially a metaphor for reinventing oneself, which we all do from time to time. By the time we’ve reached out mid-20’s we will have already changed a number of things about ourselves on a number of occasions. Nobody can be expected to be the same person for a long period of time, and nobody should be expected to be, it is natural to embrace and accept change. Whether it’s dying our hair, trying out a new item of clothing or getting a piercing, we all like to change our appearance occasionally, and here are a number of ways you can do so at an affordable price.


Yale university has found that people psychologically perceive somebody’s intelligence based on their hairstyle. For example, people with shorter hair are usually perceived to be more intelligent than those with longer hair. Furthermore, we all know from experience how we feel better after treating ourselves to a new haircut. Many people have thinning or receding hair, and it is very common to be suffering from a lack of confidence in those scenarios. However, with a hair replacement operation, it is possible to have a full head of hair once again following a short procedure with minimal scarring. Recovery only takes a couple of days, and afterwards you’ll look and feel like a brand new comfortable person.


How many times have you Googled a famous celebrity only to find that they are actually much older than they look? Actresses like Jennifer Anniston and Sofia Vergara look like they are barely a day over 30, when in fact they’re in their early to mid 40’s. The secret lies in taking care of your skin. Combinations of stress and cold weather can take their toll on our skin, making us look our age, if not older, and a good bottle of moisturiser cannot be underestimated. Eating whole fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can naturally improve the health of your skin, and juices can be almost as beneficial if you’re on the go. Face masks can also be a great treat for your skin and a good idea to incorporate into your regular routine.


We all like to treat ourselves to new clothes from time to time and there’s nothing like a new look to make you feel like a new person. If it’s payday then it’s an even better excuse to start splashing out on a few new items of clothing. But avoid heading straight for Topshop, New Look or River Island, instead head for Primark. This is where the true bargains are to be found, you can get a lot more items with the same budget and their clothes look the same as all of the biggest label items. With winter approaching, it’s a good time to treat yourself to a new coat, hat, scarf and gloves to help cope with the sudden drop in temperature.

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