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How to Protect Your Startup Delivery Service

23 December 2016 No Comment

One of the most amazing aspects of running a small local business is getting to know your customers. Many of them come in day and day out and after a while you want to do something a little special for them. After pondering what kind of service you could offer, it comes to mind that you could begin delivering to their homes so that they needn’t make the trek through city traffic.

Whether you own a business in Fort Worth, Texas, or Phoenix, Arizona, adding delivery is a wonderful service that will almost assuredly increase your bottom line. However, with the added service comes added responsibility and now that you think about it, how can you protect your startup delivery service when so much can go wrong in the course of driving around town? Here we offer some suggestions on protecting your company when adding delivery to your services.

Do a Thorough Driving History on Any and All Drivers

The very first thing you must do is run a driver’s history on anyone who will be driving that delivery truck. Driving in town doesn’t mean the driver needs a CDL if the truck is just a standard van or pickup. Perhaps you have a small delivery truck with only two axles that wouldn’t necessitate a Commercial Driver’s License. Even so, make sure that driver’s license is in good standing and that he or she has a clean driving record. Not to do this could come back to haunt you in the future. This is an absolute must.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

Being a business owner, you know the importance of carrying good liability insurance. If a customer should come into your establishment and have a nasty fall, you could get sued for a huge amount of money. The same is true if any of your drivers cause an accident on the road; Slack & Davis may be called in to fight for injury compensation for the injured party.  Luckily, liability insurance covers situations like this and most of the time it will pay everything, including any legal fees involved. You will need the same kind of coverage on any vehicles which are used in the line of business. Your delivery truck should have a high dollar amount liability coverage. It is always better to pay a higher premium now than lose your shirt if you don’t carry enough to pay any damages if your driver is at fault.

Keep an Accident Attorney on Call

Before you even start offering delivery service, check out Fort Worth truck accident law, or find an accident attorney in your city. There is a very good reason for this. All it takes is the other driver spotting your logo on the truck and what was clearly their fault will suddenly be disputed. Most people are out for a quick buck and delivery trucks are always a ready target. You will need a lawyer who specializes in commercial truck accidents, or actually any kind of commercial vehicle accidents will do. This specialist attorney will know how to prove the other driver is falsifying a claim and that alone, could be the protection you need to save your business from ruin. Visit Slack & Davis.

Of course, you will always want to keep your truck in good repair because letting things go can run up a hefty repair bill in the future. Change the fluids regularly and teach your driver how to do a safety check at the beginning of each shift. With good insurance and a driver with a solid driving history, you can give your customers the service they deserve without the frustrations of worrying about losing your shirt in the process. Follow this advice and all will be well.

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