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Innovations in Medicine that Save Us Billions Each Year

4 January 2017 One Comment

While you are probably tempted to think of all kinds of technology that is useful in early diagnostics and treatments for diseases that were previously untreatable, or at the very best hard to treat, that isn’t the best news of all. Actually, while pre-screenings and early diagnostics do make finding and treating certain cancers much easier, thus saving countless lives and making treatment shorter lived and cheaper, those innovations pale in comparison to the number of vaccines that have been developed.

Prevention and Eradication of Countless Diseases

Now there are vaccines that, when taken at the right age, can prevent cervical cancer. There are vaccines that help to prevent diseases ranging from whooping cough to shingles, and even some types of cancers. Then there are some that are no longer administered unless traveling out of the country because those diseases have been all but eradicated in the United States. Vaccinations for adults and children save literally billions of dollars each and every year in several ways.

The High Cost of Treatments

Of course cost of treatment is directly linked to the type and severity of the illness. Take for example polio. It has all but been eradicated from the U.S. and many other western countries, but there are countries where it is still widespread. The United States saw its last case of polio in 1979 and since then has been free from the disease. Unfortunately, it is still widespread enough in other countries to warrant having your children vaccinated.

Less Time Missed from Work and School

The same holds true for other immunizations for diseases we are constantly threatened by. What about shingles in adults over 60, tetanus from rusty nails or dog bites, measles, mumps, chicken pox and myriad others? The cost of treating those preventable illnesses is exorbitant, but there is an additional cost involved which many of us forget to factor in!

The reason why your local hospital seeks those with a health administration masters online degree is to help you understand that vaccinations are available. When taken in a timely fashion, these can help you avoid lost days at work by preventing those diseases. If you think the cost to businesses isn’t huge when a worker is out sick for an extended period of time, you really need to gain a better understanding of just how serious these diseases are once you contract them.

A Final Word about Vaccines from Healthcare Leadership in Your State

While the decision to legislate when and to whom vaccines should be given rests with each state, it is imperative to understand that vaccines for some of the most preventable disease are available. If they are not mandated in the state in which you live, you might want to talk to someone with an online masters healthcare management degree at your local clinic or hospital to see which would benefit you and your children.

Not only do you want to prevent needless suffering, but the cost of one severe illness can be devastating to you as well as the local economy. Stop the spread of influenza by getting your flu shots early each year and you will join the ranks of those thankful for technology and the efforts of medical scientists that made these vaccines possible.

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  • Imran said:

    That's true innovation helps us in saving lots of money in medicine industry.