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3 Surprisingly Lucrative Investment Opportunities

10 January 2017 One Comment

A smart investor can identify unique investment opportunities, whilst carefully balancing a financial risk against a reward. Every entrepreneur must research an investment before they sign a contract, as one mistake can cost a significant amount of money.

Every opportunity comes with risks, but there are some unique business ventures that are more secure than others. If you are looking for a secure investment, you should consider the following potentially lucrative opportunities.


Farming is an age-old industry that shows no signs of slowing down. Whilst most modern businesses are dependent on technologies, farmers continue to rely on the very best of nature, producing food daily for the world to enjoy, and the demand will only become stronger with each passing year.

Urbanisation has unfortunately led to a reduction in the world’s farmland, which means the land we have left is more valuable than ever before. With a fast-growing population and increased demand in produce, it is now more important than ever to nurture the agricultural land we have left, as food production must double by 2050 for a sustainable planet. A citrus investment is therefore a worthy venture, as it can provide a stable return on investment and comes with inflation protection.

It is actually the inflation protection that makes an agricultural investment so appealing. Right now, investors across the world are faced with high inflation threatening their growing wealth, however, farmland offers a hedge against rising inflation rates, making it a lower risk business venture with a high ROI. If you would like to learn more about agribusiness investments, you should contact an investment professional, such as Crawford Park Farming AG.

Saving Bonds

Savings bonds have proven to be a secure investment opportunity, which can survive financial uncertainty. Many successful entrepreneurs and intelligent savers are therefore choosing to invest a significant amount of their wealth into bonds, with the aim of off-setting any risks associated with their riskier business ventures.


It is not just savings bonds that have become an appealing investment opportunity, as gold also has the potential to not only provide a return on investment, but to ensure financial protection in a tough economic climate.

In fact, in 2016, many investors moved their money out of stocks and transferred their money into gold. There is much financial uncertainty in the marketplace, due to new US President-elect Donald Trump. Gold is currently experiencing its best quarter in more than 20 years, which is why intelligent investors are choosing to place their money in gold to protect their finances whilst benefiting from a significant ROI.

Never embark on a financial venture without making an informed decision, and ensure you invest in an opportunity that offers both stability and growth. If in doubt, speak to an investment professional to provide informative advice and a smooth transition, such as a broker, financial planner or investment advisor, and only embark when you are 100% confident in a project.

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