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What is the Cheapest Transportation for Getting to Work?

11 January 2017 No Comment

So, you’ve finally gotten sick to death of driving your car to work. The traffic is mayhem, the fuel cost is astounding and the car itself is looking pretty beat up. Cars are great for their own reasons, but their also terrible for their own reasons. If you’re using one every day to travel long distances then you are more likely paying out of the nose for it. But, are there any cheaper options? Let’s find out:

Is public transport really cheaper?

We hear everyone telling us that getting the bus is cheaper than using a car, but is it really? The short answer is ‘sometimes’. The long answer is that your situation can affect whether or not public transportation is cheaper than driving. For example, the distance you need to travel for work will affect the cost of your travel. The cost of using a car depends on how many miles per gallon it gets and on public transport the cost will depend on how many different types of transport you’ll need to use to get to work. You might end up paying for multiple train or bus tickets to get to work, which might end up costing you more than driving would. Another factor that affects the price is also your location. The cost of public transport differs from place to place. In big, wealthy cities you’ll be paying a lot more to take a bus than you would if you were getting a bus in a small, rural town. Whether or not public transportation will be cheaper is something that you’re going to have to work out for yourself and decide on.

What about a motorcycle?

This is yet another alternative option to driving that everyone tells you will save you lots of money. Regrettably, however, the answer to this question is just as ambiguous as the answer to using transportation: it’s sometimes cheaper. In theory, using a motorcycle for your commute can be a lot cheaper than driving a car.  When you live in a congested city you might find yourself sitting in traffic a lot of the time, and while you’re sitting in traffic with your engine on you’re wasting fuel, which subsequently means that you’re wasting money. On the other hand, motorcyclists have the option of driving straight through traffic jams, which means that they’re making the most of the fuel. As long as the road you’re driving on is wide enough to accommodate you and allow you to put a safe distance between you and the cars, you can drive straight past long queues of cars and cut your usual journey time in half.

The factors that change which vehicle is more expensive are usually the energy efficiency or the bike or car, the cost of the initial purchase, and the insurance. There are a few energy efficient cars on the market that will reduce the fuel consumption massively by turning off the energy or converting to an electric engine when the car is stopped or travelling at low speeds. In this type of car the fuel cost would normally be cheaper than a bike because there aren’t many effective energy efficient bikes available. Bike insurance can be either more or less expensive than car insurance depending on the type of bike, where you’re using it and how you’re going to use it. You can find out more information about this by looking up bike insurance prices. When you buy a bike you also have to consider the safety gear that you need, like your helmet and leathers, which tend to be a bit pricey if you want them to do the job properly.

So, to conclude, are there any cheaper ways to get to get to work other than driving? Well, the answer is absolutely, without a doubt, one hundred percent maybe.

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