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The Harsh Truth About Your Customers

31 January 2017 No Comment

What could be more important to a business that its customers? Nothing, that’s what. Without customers, your business is little more than a hobby. A very expensive hobby. This is especially true for a small startup, who will end up having a much closer relationship with their customers than a larger business might. The problem that a lot of business tend to have is that they simply don’t understand their customers properly. Of course, each and every customer is an entirely unique individual, but there are certain things that they do have in common. So, to help you get a slightly better understand, and hopefully improve your business as a whole, here are some simple truths about your customers.

They have no patience


Today’s modern world moves incredibly quickly, and customers expect your business to do the same. They don’t want to spend time waiting or dealing with things that are overly complicated. You need to make sure that your point-of-sale system is as efficient as possible and that your customer services are always available. A lot of the time, it’s pretty easy to assist a customer quickly but sometimes, particularly with complicated purchases, it’s a totally different story. If you offer your customers a finance option, then they want it to be as simple and easy as any other type of purchase. Check out Vyze.com for more information about how to offer finance options to your customers.

They don’t care

This might sound a little dramatic, but it also has more than a grain of truth to it. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t care about anything. Customers care about lots of things, but they don’t care about businesses. Businesses are faceless organizations to which they have absolutely no connection whatsoever. But here’s something they do care about: people. It’s a natural instinct in all of us to be concerned with those around us. This is something that you need to use to your advantage as much as possible. Through social media and blog posts, you can give your customers a glimpse at the people behind the business. Let them know who you are and how you built the business in the first place. People are suckers for a good story, and if you can build a narrative around your business, then they are much more likely to engage with it.

They demand perfection

This one can be tricky, after all, it’s downright impossible to offer completely perfect service to your customers. Fortunately, what many customers really want is simply to see that you’ve done absolutely everything that you can for them. If something has gone wrong with your product, then make sure that your customer service staff do everything that they can to remedy the problem and compensate the customer for any innocence. By doing that you’ll actually end up with your customer feeling positive about the business overall, despite the trouble that they went through. As long as you can show them that you’re always on their side, you’re guaranteed to leave your customers satisfied.

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