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Saving Money On Entertainment

1 February 2017 No Comment

For anyone who wants to start having a specific saving goal the best way to cut down on expenses would be to make a cut on your entertainment budget.  There are still many creative ways to have fun without impinging on your budget.  There are many entertainment options that can be cheap as well as fun.

– Free concerts. You can surf the internet for free concerts available in your locale. The local newspaper entertainment section also has this information.  Not to mention you can find quality content on YouTube to keep you entertained for hours.

– Watch a rented movie and eat popcorn. It is much cheaper to rent a movie and make home-made pop corn than go to the movies and buy these at the counter.  However, if you go out to a movie everyone in awhile go to the gas station and sneak in you own snacks.

– One of the best forms of entertainment can be found in the library. They contain every kind of books, magazine imaginable for the whole family.  They also offer free internet access. They also offer book clubs. It will not only enrich your mind but can help you find kindred book lovers. Sometimes they do offer book readings for authors who are launching their books.

– Museums and Art Galleries. Many of these museum offer free admission, once a week and even if it is not free it can be so affordable. As for art galleries they there is always some free wine and finger foods that go with their gala opening.

– Parks and Zoos. You can bring your picnic basket, take quiet walks, jog or let the kids play in the playground.  You can easily kill a day at the park or zoo.

– Board games. You can also take this in the park if you grow tired of doing this at home. Board games can work for adults as well as kids.  My favorites include Monopoly, OutBurst, and Sorry.

– Some small plays are available for a couple of dollars and for the nerd in you attending fascinating lectures can be fun.

– This could be anything from playing tennis, the batting cages, or basketball at the park.  Sports are fun and a good way to meet new people, as well.

– There are plenty of fun craft projects that can help you spend quality time with your child. Build something, indulge in a hobby. Many retailers offer free or cheap activities and materials for kids.

– Jigsaw puzzles can be played hours and hours.

– Star gazing. Find a quiet spot on your roof (provided that there is safe railing). You may also get information from the news regarding when there will be meteor showers.

– Visit a casino, while this may sound like an expensive endeavor, it doesn’t need be if you pre-determine how much you will spend before going there. There are some fun games out there, see some casino games like this.

– Walk on the Beach. The beach can also be a place to swim as well as take quiet walks or pitch a tent.  Obviously this won’t work if you don’t live near the beach, but chances are there are lakes around your area.

– Time Capsule. Find a nice box or container where you can store important items with your family and friends. Seal it with a date at least 5 years in the future. Then open it on the date specified with a little fun party celebration.

– See a movie. Attend free promotional screenings where you have the thrill of seeing your favorite actor as well.

– Most communities have them either indoor or outdoor throughout the year. You can bring your own snacks as well. It also educates you on local cultures and world cultures as well.

– Dine out occasionally. Saving does not mean you cannot enjoy eating out. Family owned restaurants are often less expensive. Lunch prices are cheaper in restaurants than dinner keeping this in mind during those times that you feel like eating out. If you don’t feel like going out then you can host potluck dinner with friends.

– Skip your gym membership. Oft to attend your local recreation center instead. Most cities have them for low fees or for free. They offer assorted games like basketball, tennis, swimming and badminton.

– Be a nature lover. The possibilities of outdoor activities are endless.

Saving money on entertainment can be fun if you are flexible enough and creative enough to look for alternatives.  Taking out things that cost a lot of money like bars, movies, eating out, etc can really help you in saving your money.


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